Hot Lunch

There are two hot lunch programs at Norquay Elementary:

  1. Daily hot lunch program, offered by C’est Mon Cafe
  2. Fundraiser pizza and Subway hot lunch days, offered by the Norquay PAC with the help of volunteers like you.

On days there is PAC pizza/subway hot lunch, there is no C’est Mon Cafe – so be sure to order pizza or Subway!

Daily Hot Lunch with C’est Mon Cafe

C’est Mon Cafe provides Hot Lunch service for Norquay Elementary. No volunteers needed for this daily hot lunch program.

Parents can choose up to 3 options per day – a veggie option is always included and gluten free available by request. Lunch includes a meal and a small fruit cup. Seconds are offered based on availability and should be for the item they ordered

Drinks are not provided – students need to bring their own drink from home or bring water bottle to fill at fountain

Lunch is offered 5 days a week. You do not need to order all 5 days – you can choose to order just 1,2, 3 or 4 days if preferred or just once a month not every week. The choice is yours.

Cost: $5.50 + processing fees per meal.

Tips for kids

Meals are served on the tables by Division – your child should go to there tables and find their name tag! If students don’t see their name please approach the servers for assistance

How to order for the daily hot lunch program

Order online through Pay Pal on C’est Mon Cafe’s website. Pay online by credit card or PayPal. No payments will be accepted at the school.

Sign up for Cest Mon Café Lunch at any point. You can even order the night before for hot lunch to be delivered the next day.

Choose the days you wish to order lunch. Monthly orders must be in 2 days before the first hot lunch day of the month. Otherwise, you can use the late order option.

Fundraising pizza and subway lunch days

Norquay parent volunteers also put on pizza and Subway lunch days as a PAC fundraiser. The first day is September 28.

Lunch options on fundraiser days include individual pizzas, 6” Sub Sandwich or Booster Juice. Feel free to order just a Smoothie/Sub/Pizza on its own or make it a combo with Smoothie and Pizza or Smoothie and Sub

Fundraiser hot hunch schedule

September 28 – Pizza & Booster JuiceJanuary 18 – Pizza & Booster Juice
October 26 – Subway & Booster JuiceFebruary 22 – Subway & Booster Juice
November 30 – Pizza & Booster JuiceMarch 15 – Pizza & Booster Juice
December 14 – Subway & Booster JuiceApril 26 – Subway & Booster Juice
 May 31 – Pizza & Booster Juice

How to use the online ordering system

Make your pizza or Subway order for your child(ren) online using the online system, which is called MunchaLunch.

Online ordering and payment only. Deadline for orders and payment is the Monday before Hot Lunch (Ex. Sept 24, October 22 etc.)

Need help? Contact the PAC at or find Charis in the lunchroom after school for help, or if you do not have access to the internet.

Follow these steps to register.  If you are already registered simply log in.

  1. Go to the MunchaLunch website:
  2. Click the “Register Here” button. The system will guide you through
  3. After adding your child(ren), click the green “Order Lunch!” button to order
  4. Once you complete your order online, you’ll receive an order number for each order and e-mail confirmation
  5. Next time, just click the “Login Here” button to access your account.

Volunteers needed – pizza and Subway lunches

We are always looking for volunteers to help hand out lunches to the kids. Without you, these lunches would not happen!

Sign up on the volunteer page on the MunchaLunch website, and the PAC PAC coordinator will then contact you. (OR) Email