As a PAC team, we want to support our children, the teachers and the school by raising funds and hosting events to create a strong sense of community. We are driven by volunteers who donate their time, knowledge and resources to making these goals happen – we are driven by YOU!

There are many ways to contribute to Norquay. If you have ideas, talents, abilities or resources that the school can benefit from, let us know!

Current volunteer calls:


Fundraising – Got a great idea or connection that will help raise money? Have the organizational chops to make it happen, or even a couple of hours to contribute to here and there? We’re all ears, because every contribution counts.

Community Events – Are you a wizard at coordination? Able to inspire young learners? Wicked hand skills or musical genius? Are you able to look stern in the face of hyper 5-year-olds? We need you at events.

Leadership – The PAC executive is always looking for talent and support. From writing, to counting, organizing and strategic thinking, this is a place where change for the better can be affected.

Motivation/ Knowledge/ Inspiration – Share what you know. Be it at PAC meetings or at the Annual Health and Wellness Day activities.

In School Volunteers:

Motivation/ Knowledge/ Inspiration If you have a hobby, special interest or work to talk about and share with the kids, you would be very welcome in the classrooms. The staff are always keen to bring in speakers who are enthusiastic and willing to share their knowledge or passion.

Coaching sports – lots of flexibility in choice of commitment days

Field Trip volunteers – The staff of Norquay could always use an extra parent or two when they take their class on a field trip. If you are able to accompany a class outing, it would be greatly appreciated, especially with the older grades.

If you are interested in volunteering, send us an email. There are also volunteer sign up sheets located on the wall in the lunch room.