Direct Appeal

Thank you Norquay! Our progress as of October 19, 2015: $8,250!!!!!!

11233418_10156211315395037_2370712200581288887_nEach year, the Norquay PAC team organizes a Direct Appeal drive. This allows Norquay community members to donate directly, rather than through various fundraising initiatives.

The PAC Direct Appeal was postponed from last May to this Fall. We are hoping to raise $25,000 for much needed upgrade to the school’s technology.

We are asking families to donate $50 towards this or as much as each family can afford. PAC will also apply for grants and write requests for corporate donations.

If you have any contacts with businesses, corporations or organizations that have community sponsorship programs, please forward contact the PAC team.

These are some of the technology learning items the school is hoping to purchase with your generous donations:

  • iPads
  • Document Cameras
  • Projectors
  • Whiteboards

Cheques must be made payable to John Norquay Elementary School in order for a tax receipt to be issued.

Additional goals for 2015

  • Installation of bike racks – $400
  • Community Building Events such as some Carnival Costs, Pancake Breakfast, etc. – $2000
  • Teacher Wishlist Items – $600
  • 12 Nylon Jackets for Student leaders – 6 Med/Youth and 6 Large/Youth with Norquay logo – we are looking for a company to donate so if you have any contacts for a clothing manufacturer, please send a message to:

Make a difference

In 2014 Direct Appeal raised $1200 and the school was able to purchase the following items with these funds:

  • 2 professional/international volleyballs ($59 ea)
  • 25 soccer balls ($15 ea)
  • 2 hockey helmets and masks foot pump with gauge & inflating needles ($27.50 ea +$19.75 ea +$1.25 ea)
    10 whistles ($2 ea)
  • 2 goalie catching gloves ($27 ea)
  • 42 balls – rubber/soft – varying sizes ($1.25 – $18.75 ea)
  • 2 indoor soccer balls ($18.75 ea)
  • 20 foam indoor tennis balls ($1.75 ea)
  • 15 foam frisbees ($4.25 ea)
  • 8 bucket stilts ($9.75 ea)
  • 8 catch-a-cups ($19.75 ea)
  • 8 ball skips ($2.50 ea)
  • 6 jumping balls poly spots to mark fitness stations ($32 ea)
  • 1 poly spots coloured ($24 ea)

Any amount will be helpful and greatly appreciated.  As you can see from the list – even a twoonie helped the school buy a tennis ball or whistle!!!