Silent Auction and Raffle Rules

Silent Auction Rules

Each donated item or gift certificate is on display at the auction tent, accompanied by a numbered bid sheet that shows the name of the store and the retail price of the item. The bid sheet shows the minimum starting bid amount and the minimum bid increase – for example, a $5.00 increment per bid.

Simply enter your name, phone number, and your bid on the bid sheet, and you have a chance to win. The highest bid at closing time (7:00 pm) is the winner. You can raise your bid as many times as you want before closing, so you’ll want to return to the auction tables from time to time to make sure you’re not outbid!

Carnival volunteers are available at each auction table to answer any questions you may have.

At 7:00 pm, Carnival volunteers will close the auction. No more bids will be allowed. The winning bid on each bid sheet will be highlighted and a line drawn through any empty spaces. The auction item is now considered “sold” to the last bidder on the sheet.

The winning bidders or someone on their behalf must come to the auction tables at 7:15 to claim the prize(s). Carnival volunteers will give the final bid sheets to the winning bidders, who then take them to the cashiers seated beside the auction tents.

Please remember payment is by cash or cheque only – we do not have debit or credit card readers. After the cashier stamps your bid sheet “PAID”, take it to the table where your prize is located. The Carnival volunteer will then release the item to you.

Have fun, good luck, and thanks for your support of Norquay Elementary Carnival.