Carnival Volunteer Opportunities

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Job title: Team Leads

Needed for: Communications, Logistics, Legal (Permits & Insurance), Fundraising, Food, Donations
Purpose: Ensure all team members are on schedule

  • Meet with members on their roles
  • Review prior year results (green, yellow, black)
  • Review volunteer job descriptions
  • Publish work schedule
  • Attend team meeting
  • Conduct post-event review and publish results
  • Submit CoV & Parks Board applications
  • Submit & Park layout
  • Obtain special event insurance
  • Meet with CoV Special Events
  • Meet with Parks Board
  • Receive permits & insurance certificate
  • Submit invoices for payment
  • Ensure traffic/parking signs posted for & park
  • Request CoV carnival waste pick up Sat am/pm & Sun pm

Job title: Poster Design

Purpose: Design & publish posters & postcards


  • Create poster/card
  • Print poster
  • Print postcard
  • Give postcard supply to ad mail volunteer
  • Create sponsor/donor thank you certificate


Job title: Media promotions

Purpose: Promote Carnival in print & e-media

  • Create media promotion plan
  • Create plan for print & web event listing sites
  • Submit Carnival to event listings
  • Request radio & TV public service announcements

Job title: VIP Invitations

Purpose: Invite VIP’s to the event


  • Issue invitations with event schedule
  • Follow up and confirm
  • Publish names & title for signs
  • Arrange for publicity photo’s

Job title: Sponsors Requests

Purpose: Obtain funding from corporate sponsors


  • Review & publish sponsor benefits
  • Create and distribute sponsor request and benefit package
  • Request current logo(s)
  • Monitor receipt of sponsor funds

Job title: Booth Coordinators

Purpose: Manage all carnival booth’s

  • Get volunteers to man all booth’s
  • Publish exhibitor layout
  • Day of: meet & greet exhibitors; direct table placement

Job title: Treasurer

Purpose: Provide accounting for revenues and expenses


  • Process expenses
  • Process revenues
  • Day of: collect all money from ticket sales


Job title: Silent Auction Donations

Purpose: Obtain articles for fundraising auction


  • Invite merchant donations
  • Collect donations
  • Record donor, article description and value
  • Store auction inventory
  • Prepare bid sheets
  • Plan auction display
  • Distribute posters/cards to stores
  • Day of event:
    • Set out auctions donations in the park
    • Assign/manage table volunteers
    • Receive receipts at auction close
    • Thank donors

Job title: Volunteer Co-ordinator

Purpose: To recruit volunteers for


  • Contact volunteers
  • Review volunteer job descriptions
  • List volunteer job descriptions on the website
  • Maintain inventory of current and past volunteers

Job title: Facebook updates

Purpose: Update Carnival Facebook page


  • Post updates on facebook

Job title: School PAC newsletter insert

Purpose: Issue Carnival promotions via school e-newsletter

  • Contact schools for agreement & publication dates
  • Draft promotional text with & without logo

Job title: Poster & Postcard Distribution

Purpose: Distribute posters

  • Distribute posters to stores
  • Distribute to Community Centres
  • Use Perry the Poster Man services for distribution
  • Distribute posters to Silent Auction Team
  • Use Vancouver Public Library distribution services
  • Distribute to other schools for bulletin boards, individuals etc.

Job title: Certificates

Purpose: Issue certificates to participants

  • Obtain certificate copy from poster design team
  • Make colour photocopies
  • Obtain committee signatures on blank forms
  • Obtain list of corporate & in-kind sponsors
  • Give blank certificates to Treasurer for printing
  • Auction team will distribute to those that donated

Job title: Park Set-up & Take-down in Park

Purpose: Set up tables & chairs

  • Distribute tables & chairs to exhibitor locations
  • Clean-up tables & chairs at end of day
  • Pick up field waste

Job Title: Silent Auction Tent

Purpose: Operate silent auction tent and display

  • Distribute auction gifts, bid forms
  • Greet potential bidders
  • Answer questions
  • Close off the auction; collect bid sheets
  • Receive funds from the highest bidders and distribute auction items
  • Return unsold items to volunteer manager

Job title: VIP Photos

Purpose: Record VIP, Stage, Exhibitor & Carnival events

  • Maintain an event shot list
  • Obtain a list of VIP, Stage & Exhibitors
  • Interact with VIP’s for photos
  • Ensure shot list photos are complete