April 14, 2015

  • Welcome & Introductions, Attendance: SIGN IN SHEET (Mary) (2min)
  • Approve past minutes – March 2015 minutes – Deferred
  • Treasurer’s report – Shirley (5min) General Fund (10APRIL) 29 Garden 3536.01
  • Gaming scholarship for windermere and Gladstone 200 each –
  • Old business/Updates (30min)
  • Garden update – Valeria  (5min)
  1. Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grant application was submitted by Mar 31 deadline.  Requested the maximum amount of $1,000 to go towards costs of more planter boxes in Fall 2015 (ground prep by VSB Grounds, soil for 12 more boxes).  We will find out whether or not we are successful by around mid May.
  2. Looking for someone to help build a 3-bin compost in Fall 2015.  Russ Evans, shop teacher at Tupper Secondary, no longer builds compost bins (but can still help us to build the planter boxes).  This may involve some costs for labour.

Call for volunteers to build compost box– VSB has specs

  1. Considering also building a large outdoor storage box in Fall 2015, similar in size to a 3-bin compost, for access to supplies during weekends and evenings (especially for a more flexible watering schedule during the dry summer months).

$350 prebuilt by Russ Evans

  1. Ms Chang hosted the school’s first extra-curricular Garden Club last week (Tuesdays at noon in Ms Chang’s room).  The Garden Club would like to plant more flowers using hanging planters and hang window box planters along the fences using wire.  Ms Chang is looking for any hanging planters or window sill planter boxes you may be able to donate for the Garden Club.  All students welcome to join the Garden Club!
  2. SPEC (Society Promoting Environmental Conservation) workshops continuing (Indoor Seeding end of April, Transplanting end of May, Harvest Festival (June 15) last week of school).
  • EMB/DPAC/Fundraising Update – Barb (5min)
  1. EMB Funding from 2011 -2014 – After attending the city wide meeting February 26, Rick Krowchuk, Secretary-Treasurer promised to provide more details than what was on the spreadsheet provided by Maureen Ciarnello at Oct. 2/14 meeting.  Barb followed up with an email and was provided a break down of expenses.  There is a current EMB surplus.  Copy of the EMB expense details will be given out.   The details did not provide ledgers that these expenses would have been coded to.  He states that the “EMB program staff initiated these expenses or were at least aware. of the program expenditures.”
  2. Modern Language Advisory Committee is meeting April 15.   Are there any issues or comments that EMB parents would like to bring to this committee?  Barb will also send email to Jamieson PAC for their feedback.  Have not met with them as yet.  Their concern is the level of Mandarin proficiency of the TOCs that they have had, especially for expended absences.  Has Norquay experienced the same concerns?
  3. PAC Fundraisers (Barbara Lee)
  4. Pizza days forms went out with PAC newsletter.  There are 4 pizza days scheduled for April 17, may 8, May 29 and June 12. The response was overwhelming with almost 200 orders placed each day and total as of Friday was $4032.  We will need to ensure that these lunches run smoothly and we will need to be clear where the long ups will be.Pizza orders were not taken for Sports Day, this may need to be done separately.
  5. Purdy’s chocolates – The cut off date was a day before what was originally posted on line.  There was an error on Purdy’s site that should not have allow Barb to input a later date.  So the online purchasing was closed earlier than expected and Barb bought extra chocolates to sell in the lunch room after school on April 2 and for a parent that did not get her chocolate order in on time. Total Owing to Barb – ($128.10 + $157.62) = $285. 72
  6. Direct Appeal:  This was included in the PAC newsletter and feedback was quite positive.  Parents really liked the breakdown of items purchased and what everything cost.  They also liked the breakdown of where the new Direct Appeal funds will be spent. Rick Krowchuk’s email also confirmed that the Direct Appeal funds raised in 2011/12 and 2012/2013 was about $7800.  VSB does not have an accounting of where these funds were spent and said the Principal may have a better accounting of these funds for us.

Margaret to review historical records


  • Admin Message  – Margaret/Erin (10min)
  1. Dr Erst **** find this in email – any parents welcome
  2. School planning morning with PAC Exec and staff – Date TBD: opportunity to look at school goals & review and learn about targets for next year – PLUS – planning of structures  “what did we learn this year and what can we do better next year?”  Communication/opening/calendar…

Joe, Letti, Leslie, PAC Exec to attend exchange meeting

  1. Track and Field   – We’re in need of parent volunteer coaches and drivers for Track and Field, grade 4/5 and grade 6/7 teams! The practices & meets are on Tuesday mornings and/or Thursday afternoons, from 3:00 – 5:00 on the following dates: Grade 6/7 – April 30, May 12 and final meet May 26th Grade 4/5 – May 7, May 19th and final meet

Barb Email Margaret what kind of food will be for sale by PAC on sports day

  1. RBC Day of giving grant – information has been given to Carlo for the grant and to link Keelan and team to see how the RBC team can help with prep/after and the day of. Donation of $1000 per grant in support of:
  • Health & Wellness
  • Book Exchange
  • SOS
  • Carnival
  1. School fees compliance (2015/16 year):  $25 supplies, $10 for performances and $8 for agenda (total of $43 per student)
  2. Carnival update:   – Marg will reach out to schools for tents and canopies.
  3. Learning resources update for parents and possible targets for next year. Marg emailed update to Mary – summary of learning resource needs
  4. Summer program opportunities

Two mandarin opportunities – kerrisdale and 4-7 at Waverley (marg emailed link)

  1. Upcoming events – chan centre on Monday (roots & shoots), health & wellness
  • Principal’s message (5min)
  • Teacher representatives (5min)
  • Book Exchange (may 27, 28, 29) – 20 year annual event – bring books from home, get ticket for each book to “buy” a new book at the exchange in the gym. Prizes for classes that bring the most books in. 2nd day books go on sale for $$. Need more chapter books and non fiction books. PAC has provided funds to augment with the books. Newsletter will be sent home.

Need parent volunteers may 27th for set up (Ms Peng)

May 28 – need parent volunteers for check out, managing event

May 29 – half day – parent volunteers for clean up in aft

SPORTS DAY(may 15) – 9-12, kids in class in afternoon.

New business (30min)

School Carnival (Keelan) 10 min

  • We’re looking for donations for the raffles and silent auction – tax receipt will be issued for donations (over $20) the value of the donation!
  • We’re also looking for you! We need people to help us get organized in the weeks before the big day and people to help out on event day. If you are interested in finding out more, contact  Keelan at ksimurda@yahoo.com
  • Need sponsorship for booths ($250 per booth)
  • Need volunteers day of for set up

Teaching sexuality in school – YarnOn Stern (5min)

Community Events:


LOCATION: John Norquay Elementary School – Outside gravel field.

DATE: Thursday, 21 May, 2015 TIME: 3pm – 6pm RAIN DATE/LOCATION: Same day – Inside


GOAL: Community building!!! Any help, big or small would be appreciated!

  • Pedalheads® after school bike program is offered at Norquay Elementary again this Spring! Time: Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 PM Dates: April 23rd – May 28th (5 sessions excluding May 21st due to our Carnival) Registration is currently open online at pedalheads.com/camp. Levels 1 to 6 will be offered. register at www.norquaypac.ca
  • Next meeting Tuesday, May 12, 2015 6pm School Library​