PAC AGM – May 22nd, 6pm, library

The PAC AGM and Executive Elections are being held today May 22 at 6:00pm in the library. There will be sweets, tea and coffee available! We have a few positions that are in need of filling.

We are in need of a:

Secretary (taking minutes at the PAC Meetings and writing them up to distribute)

Volunteer Coordinator (someone to gather volunteers for all the fundraising events)

Fundraising Coordinator (organizing Pudy’s, Hot Lunches, Social Events Etc.)

Transportation Committee Lead (this person will help with Bike to School Week as well as pushing for cross walk signage etc.)

Communication/Website Coordinator (updating our Blog, posting on Facebook etc.)

We are looking forward to seeing more people out for this final PAC Meeting of the Year. Unfortunately, if these roles are not filled we won’t be able to offer any special events, hot lunches etc. So please come and support your child’s/grandchild’s school. We rely on you to help as volunteers. Thanks very much! 

Also, we have our Carnival Sign-Up Sheet Ready to go. Please sign-up if you are able to help.
Thanks again everyone!

Norquay Elementary PAC


22 May 2019

6:00-7:00PM Norquay Library

  • Welcome & Introductions, Attendance: (Charis 2 mins)
  • Approve past minutes – April 23, 2019 – See below (Charis 1 min)
  • Treasurer’s report – (Annie 5 mins)
  • Old business/Updates (2 mins)
  • Admin Message (Tim/Karen 10 mins)
  • New Business
    • Elections
      • Co-Chair
      • Co-Chair
      • Secretary
      • Volunteer Coordinator
      • DPAC Representative
      • EMB Coordinator
      • Treasurer
      • Fundraising Coordinator
      • Communications Coordinator
      • Members at Large
    • Final Reports for 2018/2019 (Highlights Given time permitting – please see written reports)
    • Garden Update
    • Special Events (Charis 5 Mins )
  • Carnival
  • Yearbook (Barb 5 Mins)
  • Transportation (Edna)
    • Bike to School Week
  • Special Project with Carry Over Funds (Barb 2 mins)
    • Norquay School Sign
    • Pinnies
  • DPAC Update
  • Adjournament


Attendance: Charis Broadbent, Pearl Chow, Annie Wong, Janisha Haywood, Amy O’Brian, Kelly Sandhu, Barbara Lee, Sarah Mulhall, Keerthiha Supramaniyam, Patricia Lee, Edna Aguinaga, Tim Krug, Karen Noel-Bentley (administrators)

Meeting convened at 6:04 p.m.

EMB Spring Report Pearl – (Pearl presented immediately as she had to attend VSB Budget Meeting)

  • Cala Dyck and Barbara Lee able to represent EMB Parents and Pearl Chow, as EMB and Norquay PAC representative on April 10, 2019 at the Student Learning and Wellbeing Committee. See 2019 EMB “Future Hopes & Dreams” Parent Survey summary and notes on the PAC bulletin. Trustees appeared to positively receive the information and hear the ask for further expansion of the EMB program at Norquay or another elementary school.
  • Pre-2017 EMB historical information is pending to be posted on the website for parent access and to provide historical information about the program for interested parents. The website design and capacity need to be considered.
  • Admin has asked EMB Teachers to submit any requests for PAC to consider as it relates to the EMB Legacy fund.
  • See admin report for details on K, Gr. 1 and intermediate EMB enrollment based on continuing to maintain a robust program.
  • Pearl attended the VSB Budget Meeting at Mt. Pleasant on April 23, 2019 to advocate for EMB funding 


  • Janisha posted general information on PAC website – asked if notes from Barb can be put on PAC general website too  
  • Motion to represent PAC- everyone is in favour

Welcome and Introductions

  • Approve past minutes from March 13, 2019, Janisha motions, Amy seconds

Treasurer’s report (Annie)

  • Attended the Treasury 101 session put on by the VSB with Charis and Tim on April 4
  • There are a couple grants we could apply for: PAC community gaming grant, DPAC community grant, and Capital Projects grant
  • We already applied for the PAC community gaming grant every year and have applied for the 2019/2020 grant a few weeks ago
  • The PAC gaming grant is based on $20 per student, but for 2018 they paid $24 for student because they had excess funds. The grant is to be used mainly for extracurricular activities or capital projects. 2019/2020 is projected to return to $20 per student
  • Applied for the DPAC grant for 2019/2020 as it appears we are eligible ($2500/year). Uses for the DPAC is to promote parental involvement in schools and effective communication between schools, parents, students and community. Waiting for a response if we want to revamp our current PAC website, if that would qualify as an expense
  • We should be able to pay for yearbook printing costs from the gaming funds which will increase our profits in the general account from YB sales
  • Capital Project grant appears to be a newer grant that could be applied alongside the regular Gaming grants (PAC & DPAC). There is a webinar held on April 25th from 9am-11am PST for those that want to find out more information. Application intake is from June1-July31. For more info visit:
  • Examples of eligible use of funds for Capital Project Grant: construction of a new permanent built structure (egs: community center, office, daycare facility),renos to extend useful life (eg: roof, seismic upgrades), outdoor structures (eg: pool, court, parks), technological resources ( computers), etc. This is not an exhaustive list, please look online for more info.
  • The only criteria is that it must cost between $20K-1.25M, max grant is $250K, and we have to have funds that match the grant amount
  • Van Horne Elementary school presented their practices which VSB thought was very transparent. They inherited their Registered Charity status and so have a few more filing requirements. Anything over $200 must be motioned, two signing officers for cheques. As a registered charity, they get some freebies such as (Gsuite, Countabout Software) and they can write their own tax receipts for donors. Van Horne also approves their budget by June 30th to be ready for September

General Account:

  • A few teachers have not cashed their teacher award cheques yet, may provide a list to Tim to follow up with them just to make sure they still have the cheque
  • Business as usual with teacher award reimbursement and hot lunches
  • There was $10k approved for special projects in the general account currently unspent 

Gaming Account:

  • Not too much change
  • Must spend the grant amount within 36 months of receipt. We must spend a total of $12.5K by Sept 2019. Approximately spent about $8.3K so far
  • Had 3 club expenses for this year (max $200/club: Crochet, Library, Makers)  
  • We have about $8k left in special projects from gaming account

C’est Mon Café

  • About $1600- only .40 per meal, perhaps increase price to $6.00 from $5.50

Old business/Updates:

  • Sign $ is not ok for gaming funds
  • Tim showed where parents can donate money to PAC on VSB website- inquiries donations school cash online- select carefully – choose PAC (EMB Legacy). Also, you can write in notes where you can designate the money you donate.  

Administrator’s report: Tim and Karen (see detailed Admin report)

New Business:

Garden Update (Val)

  • No SPEC Workshops this term.  Interested teachers have signed up to take care of their own box, and Ms. Ivy Chang had a Lunch and Learn to review some tips she learned at a Van Dusen Workshop about school gardens.
  • Our Classroom Cooking Toolkits are coming together.  We have received some donated items and purchased the rest of the items using funds from the UBC Think and Eat Green @ School Grant.  Thank you to Tim for allowing us to use two spare rolling carts from the school to help store and transport the kits. 
  • 3 locks were missing from the garden before Spring Break, and another lock was discovered missing after Spring Break.  While the storage boxes were left unlocked, a few items were STOLEN: 2 watering keys, garden scissors, garden pruners, Sharpie acrylic paint marker, small box of sidewalk chalk.  New replacement locks have been installed and the code will be changed more frequently. 
  • Mr. Mark Warkentin has been helping to stake the fruit trees using more sturdy cedar stakes with the wood purchased from Mr. Russ Evans at Tupper Tech at a discounted rate.  Mark is also helping to replace some “I am Growing” signs for the fruit trees.
  • All of the wood framing around the Native Planters (around the picnic tables) was removed by VSB Grounds because they were rotting.  The Garden Committee will discuss options to replace the framing.  Could this be a considered a “special project” and use Gaming Funds?
  • Please contact Val at if you would like to volunteer in any capacity for the garden.

DPAC: Keerthiha

  • March 14 meeting – parents concerned about nutrition of food at schools
  • LRFP- trustee answered questions at the public consultation
  • Supply fee going up by $10
  • Barb- new school that was built is already falling apart and parents are concerned, if parents are concerned they should contact their MLA  
  • Next meeting on Thursday April 25

Special Events: Charis


  • Charis is going to ask parents and Windermere students to volunteer
  • All vendors booked

Transportation Update- Edna

  • May 27, Pedal Power is going to do a presentation to kick off the event. There will be a cost, but Edna is talking about presentation and will know cost soon
  • Jonathan Figueroa would like to know if we can move up the start date to first week of May so it isn’t just a one week event
  • PAC discussed perhaps this could happen?

Communications Update – Janisha

  • Created EMB page
  • Discussion of what information should be posted on PAC website
  • All in favour of putting up information approved by PAC website and that has been presented to the VSB (include which committee it was presented by)
  • contact Janisha if you want something posted

Yearbook – Barb

  • Some old year books to be given out
  • Need more pictures for yearbook
  • Herv Jones- lots to learn, so Barb said if someone else wants to do it they can consider them  

Special Project with Carry Over Funds – Barb

Norquay School Sign

  • Presented 3 sign options (1) manual option, concrete base $10-16K, (2) digital option about $15-20K, (3) more expensive digital option $50K
  • Barb wants to know what PAC is raising money for? Could this sign be a goal?
  • Brainstorming session at AGM

Meeting adjourned at 6:58

Next meeting: May 22, 2019 AGM




Year End Report by Charis Broadbent

Thank you again to everyone for the support throughout the year. It was greatly appreciated by myself and many others around the school. Our small group of parents makes a huge difference in our school community.

Our Purdy’s, Meat, Gift Card, Samosa, Asian Food Fundraisers were all a great success. As well as our Monthly PAC Hot Lunches! We will be hopefully running these all again next year. It was also a success using Cest Mon Café and we are hoping they will join us again next year.

Our major difficulty this year and the same as previous years was finding volunteers. We have the same group of parents/caregivers/grandparents volunteering for the majority of our fundraising efforts. Hopefully, we can broaden this group for next year to make for another successful year. Please help us spread the word that we are always looking for volunteers! In order to get more parents out to PAC meetings. Any and all suggestions are great!

Thank you again to every parent, grandparent, caregiver and volunteer for all their support this year. It is a huge amount of time and effort and we appreciate it so much. We would not be able to do the things we do without your support and help.

For those that are leaving this year we thank you for your dedication to the PAC throughout the year and hope to still see you coming out to PAC Meetings.

Lastly, thank you to the school for all your help and support throughout the year. We look forward to working closely with all the admin again next year.

Charis Broadbent Chair Norquay Elementary 2018/2019