PAC meeting TODAY, 6pm – Library

Please join us today at 6pm in the School Library for our PAC Meeting. We would love to see everyone come out and attend. If you have a child/grandchild in the school you are a part of our school PAC (Parent Advisory Committee). There will be FREE BABYSITTING for kids of all ages (not just school aged). Please see below for the Agenda. We look forward to seeing you!


23 April 2019

6:00-7:00PM Norquay Library

  • Welcome & Introductions, Attendance: (Charis 2 mins)
  • Approve past minutes – March  13 2019 – See below (Charis 1 min)
  • Treasurer’s report – (Annie 5 mins)
  • Old business/Updates (2 mins)
  • Admin Message (Tim/Teena 10 mins)
  • New Business
    • Garden Update (Val 2 Mins)
    • EMB postponed till May Pearl attending a budget meeting
    • DPAC (Keerthiha)
    • Special Events (Charis 5 Mins )
      • Carnival
    • Transportation Update (Edna)
      • Jonathan Figueroa would like to know if we can move up the start date to first week of May so it isn’t just a one week event
    • Communications Update (Janisha)
    • Yearbook (Barb 2 mins)
    • Special Project with Carry Over Funds (Barb 2 mins)
      • Norquay School Sign
    • Fundraising Update(Charis 5 mins)
  • Adjournment

Next Meeting: January 22, 2019

Apr 23/19 PAC Meeting Garden Report • No SPEC Workshops this term. Interested teachers have signed up to take care of their own box, and Ms. Ivy Chang had a Lunch and Learn to review some tips she learned at a Van Dusen Workshop about school gardens. • Our Classroom Cooking Toolkits are coming together. We have received some donated items, and purchased the rest of the items using funds from the UBC Think and Eat Green @ School Grant. Thank you to Tim for allowing us to use two spare rolling carts from the school to help store and transport the kits. • 3 locks were missing from the garden before Spring Break, and another lock was discovered missing after Spring Break. While the storage boxes were left unlocked, a few items were STOLEN: 2 watering keys, garden scissors, garden pruners, Sharpie acrylic paint marker, small box of sidewalk chalk. New replacement locks have been installed and the code will be changed more frequently. • Mr. Mark Warkentin has been helping to stake the fruit trees using more sturdy cedar stakes with the wood purchased from Mr. Russ Evans at Tupper Tech at a discounted rate. Mark is also helping to replace some “I am Growing” signs for the fruit trees. • All of the wood framing around the Native Planters (around the picnic tables) was removed by VSB Grounds because they were rotting. The Garden Committee will discuss options to replace the framing. Could this be a considered a “special project” and use Gaming Funds? Please contact Val at if you would like to volunteer in any capacity for the garden.

PAC MINUTES FOR MARCH 13, 2019 – Tentative

Attendance: Charis Broadbent, Pearl Chow, Annie Wong, Val Kao, Keerthiha Supramaniyam, Patricia Lee, Bronson Lee, Cala Dyck, Edna Agua, Kelly Sandhu, Tim Krug, Karen Noel-Bentley (administrators)

Meeting convened at 6:05 p.m.

Approve tonight’s agenda Pearl motions, Annie seconds.

Treasurer’s report (Annie)

  • Set up new email account
  • Digitalizing backup
  • Saving all backups in Google Drive
  • All transactions are in a Google spreadsheet that could be shared with anyone that wants to see the backup

General account – items to highlight

  • Misc revenue trinket sale $250 profit, $123 in hair, $165 meat sales
  • Purdys chocolate earned $1100 in commission

Gaming account – items to highlight

  • Paid for basketball hoops invoice $4k
  • Highschool requested for $200 grant, will confirm with them as it is in budget
  • We can use the gaming grant for field trip transportation if there are any other field trips planned
  • Waiting for more expenses (sports equipment, signage)
  • Signage quote changed supposed to be $500, now Barb asked about a LED programmable sign for over $10,000 installation and $20,000 for the sign (approximate estimates)

Administrator’s report: Tim and Karen (see detailed Admin report)

New Business

Garden Update (Val)

•  We were rewarded $800 from Jane Goodall’s A.P.E. Fund (Animals, People, Environment) to help fund the Medicinal Salve Making Workshops with Lori Snyder.Thank you to everyone for voting for us!

•  SPEC Workshops with Nikoo have been cancelled for the rest of the year. Teachers will be branching out on their own and taking charge of their own planter boxes.

•  Ms. Ivy Chang will be doing a Lunch ’n Learn for interested teachers in April.

•  Thank you for the donations of kitchen items for the Classroom Cooking Toolkits!  Donated items include a bread maker, a blender, a few hand mixers, a juicer plus various other smaller items. Val will purchase the additional items required. Thank you to Tim for allowing us to use two spare rolling carts from the school to help store and transport the kits.

•  RBC grant, UBC Think, Eat, Green Grant still available too

•  3 locks are missing from the garden – 1 from a storage box and 2 from the compost bins. Val has ordered replacement locks and the combination will be changed. The cost for 3 weather resistant outdoor locks is ~$73.

•  Will Valley, parent and UBC Land and Food Systems Professor, is designing a soaker hose system over Spring Break.

•  Mr. Mark Warkentin will help us to replace some “I am Growing” signs for the fruit trees and help stake the trees with the cedar wood purchased at a discounted price (total $50) from Mr. Russ Evans at Tupper Tech.

Please contact Val at if you would like to volunteer in any capacity for the garden.

EMB: Pearl

A well attended Lunar New Year Celebration! Thank you to all the parents who volunteered. The event was within budget and detailed report is available for reference. Recommend finding performers and then setting a date based on the 2019-20 school calendar. (Year of the Rat – Jan. 25, 2020).

·         PAC approved request to present at the Student Learning and Wellbeing Committee on Feb. 6, 2019 was declined and parents were redirected to meet with Director of Learning on Feb. 11, 2019. Notes from the meeting are posted on the PAC bulletin. In summary, Mandarin High school programs are intended to have the same structure based on the district guidelines.

·         To continue to provide parent input and advocacy on the EMB program, a new survey to EMB parents was completed this past week. Results summary will be presented at March PAC meeting. Thank you to Cala Dyck who had to work within the limits of Survey Monkey to design and manually copy the information gathered from ~ 50 responses. MOTION:  PAC next steps of officially bring forth the information, such as DPAC or April Student Learning and Well-being Committee, etc.

·         EMB parents social held March 8th with a small group; it’s a busy time for many families who could not attend. Possible set up a casual picnic at Trout Lake on a Saturday afternoon in May.

·         EMB Legacy: no requests yet received for this fund.

·         Posting of EMB information on PAC website is an outstanding project

EMB: Pearl – High School  (see EMB report posted on the PAC bulletin for more details)

EMB: Cala Dyck – (see detailed survey report for questions and answers)  

–       present some positive feedback

–       parents happy with the teachers, especially primary ones: Ms. Chang, Mr. Wee

–       next student and well being learning, trustee Ready would take an official request

–       motion for Charis to make a request to present positive feedback on EMB, Edna motions, Val seconds, motion passes

Special Events: Charis

Carnival – pizza and hot dogs sold by PAC (biggest money maker). Cotton Candy kids and frozen yogurt booked. Will need lots of volunteers.

Yearbook – different company will be used, lots of books fell apart so people can bring them back and be re-printed at one time. Herv Jones will likely be used in future years

Lifetouch – coming to do year end graduation photos. Mother’s Day fundraiser and families can come in to do family photos by April 8, 2019. Decided against doing photos this year and perhaps plan earlier for next year.

Transportation Update- Edna

– May 27-31 is Bike to School Week

– Mr. Krug applied to the city of Vancouver for a $500 grant from the city for prizes

– if Norquay doesn’t get grant.. there is money in the budget for PAC to provide some money for prizes

-sticker for riding daily, if a child rides every day (5 days), they earn an entry for a draw for a bigger prize

-admin will host a Monday am meeting on bike safety with students before Bike to School week begins

Communications Update – Janisha

-contact Janisha if you want something posted

DPAC – Keerthiha


●     At the last DPAC there were 2 schools that had issues with missing PAC funds, VPD involved

●     One PAC the Chair – changed the signing authority to only one signature and funds were funneled somewhere else

●     The other, monies were left open at office and went missing

●     DPAC reminded PACs to review financial processes, 2 people to count cash, 2 signatures – they will plan a Treasurer 101 for future

●     Discussions around last day of school for next year

●     Forming a parent group against racism

●     PAC to PAC to donate and share money for schools that have difficulty raising funds

●     Treasury 101 meeting on April 4, 2019 (Charis and Tim will attend, maybe Annie)

Other business – Discussion of C’est Mon Café

○     meals are not warm

○     not meeting the new Canada Food Guide Lines

○     He is going to revamp menu over Spring Break

Meeting adjourned at 6:58

Next meeting: April 23, 2019