PAC Meeting – March 13th – 6pm – Library

Norquay Elementary PAC
March 13/2019
6:00-7:00PM Norquay Library

● Welcome & Introductions, Attendance: (Charis 2 mins)
● Approve past minutes – January 2019 – See below (Charis 1 min)
● Treasurer’s report – (Annie 5 mins)
● Old business/Updates (2 mins)
● Admin Message (Tim 10 mins)
● New Business
○ Garden Update (Val 2 Mins)
○ EMB (Pearl 5 mins)
■ High School
■ Survey
○ Special Events (Charis 2 Mins )

● Carnival – Need to start Planning
● Yearbook

○ Transportation Update (Edna 2 Mins)
○ Communications Update (Janisha)
○ DPAC (Keerthiha 5 Mins)
■ Barb:
● At the last DPAC there were 2 schools that had issues with missing PAC
funds, VPD involved
● One PAC the Chair – changed the signing authority to only one signature
and funds were funneled somewhere else
● The other, monies were left in open at office and went missing
● DPAC reminded PACs to review financial processes, 2 people to count
cash, 2 signatures – they will plan a Treasurer 101 for future

● Adjournment
Next Meeting: April 23, 2019

PAC MINUTES FOR January 22, 2019

Attendance: Charis Broadbent, Pearl Chow, Janisha Haywood, Alvin Chong, Lisa Chong, Ewelina Kurty, Amy O’Brian, Annie Wong, Val Kao, Keerthiha Supramaniyam, Bronson Lee, Patricia Lee, Cindy Lee, Carl M, David Kmiotek, Joseph Chua, Becky ?, Jermaine Kwok, Nancy McLean, Barb Wong, Esther Hsieh, Keeping Lam,Tim Krug, Karen Noel-Bentley (administrators)
Meeting convened at 6:05 p.m.
Approve tonight’s agenda Janisha motions, Amy seconds
Treasurers report (Annie)

  • UBC Think and Eat Grant managed by the school
  • Mt Seymour ski trip waiting to pay the final invoice of $4000 in account
  • Purdy’s chocolate funds will be deposited soon by Charis
  • 40 yearbooks through Munch A Lunch account have been ordered
  • gaming fund – waiting for expenditures for school signage, quote from VSB for sign up front
  • waiting for quote for basketball hoops from VSB
  • invoiced for bike racks
    Administrator’s report: Tim and Karen (see detailed Admin report)
    MOTION: To approve the purchase of Superflex Social Thinking series of books at a cost of $211.84 per set as requested by the Primary staff.
    VOTE RESULTS: The purchase of two sets were passed.
    New Business
    Garden Update (Val)
  • Nikoo from SPEC (Society Promoting Environmental Conservation) will lead classes in gardening workshops after Spring Break.
  • Lori Snyder, an indigenous herbalist and educator, is leading all 29 divisions in a “Medicinal Salve Making Workshop” involving infused plant oil and melted beeswax to make a healing skin salve. We have heard excellent feedback from the teachers who have already done the workshop in January. The $6 cost per student (-10%large group discount) is being funded by the $3/student garden fee as well as PAC
  • garden funds/grants.
  • Thank you to everyone who voted for our submission to Jane Goodall’s A.P.E. Fund (Animals, People, Environment) for $1,000. Val got an email today that the school will be getting $800 from the APE fund!
  • We requested and received a generous donation of seeds from West Coast Seeds. The seeds are stored in the Boys Change Room and are available to all classes.
  • We are creating Classroom Cooking Toolkits and are requesting donations from families and then will purchase the remaining items using funds from the UBC TEGS Grant (Think & Eat Green at School). Please drop any of the following items that you are able to donate to Ms. Ivy Chang in Room 164:

· baking sheets
· blender
· baking pans or dishes
· can opener
· citrus juicer
· colander
· cutting boards
· mixing bowls
· electric skillet or hotplate
· grater
· hand mixer
· kitchen towels
· ladle
· potholders
· salad spinner
· skillets (large 12-14”)
· spoons, large wooden and slotted
· spatulas
· tongs
· vegetable peelers
· whisks
· chef’s knife
EMB: Pearl Lunar New Year

  • Val has a group of 7 dancers who can perform at 4:45pm; school will provide them a room to change. Val to advise Pearl of any other needs e.g. music. Timing is to accommodate the families commute to Norquay. Tim said the school will pay $100 for the Lunar New Year dancers
  • MOTION for PAC to pay $100 for dancers
  • VOTE RESULTS – $100 from PAC to fund dancers is passed
  • dancers contingent upon whether Lunar New Year festival takes place or not
  • Request and permissions slips will be provided to Gr. 7 students wishing to volunteer with creating signage, set up and running of stations; Grace and Pearl tentative plan on Jan. 30 lunch hour for Gr. 7 meeting/create signage.
  • Good response to request for take out chopsticks; these will be used for a craft.
  • Volunteer email and paper request sent out Jan 18 to be returned by Jan. 25. Currently very low volunteers (currently about 4 parents).
  • MOTION: If not enough volunteers by Jan. 28, (at least 20 parents), the event will be cancelled.
  • VOTE RESULTS – motion passed
  • MOTION: Determine cost of buns and treats dependent on if PAC wants more decorations, supplies for event e.g. balloons
  • VOTE RESULTS- the cost of $2.00 was agreed upon for a bun and a jelly
  • Bakery buns ordered (180), jelly treats (~250); pick up from Kam’s Bakery at 2pm
  • East West Market has agreed to possibly supply mandarins if they are
    available, request ~200. They may consider a raffle donation at an alternative or in addition to fruit donation.
  • Need for 2-3 raffle items should there be a raffle. Earn raffle ticket(s) by participating in the event e.g. saying greetings. Determine need to use current raffle tickets of buy new ones. Annie to advise on need for gaming approval.
  • received query from parents regarding need for playground equipment should there be any excess funds


o Learning New Year Greetings (possible raffle)
o Crafts: colouring, puppet making; may add / replace with Balloon
Making (by student volunteer request).
o Shadow Puppet Theatre
o Jump rope

o LNY Trivia / Teacher Quiz
o Tangrams
o Rice and Dough Exploration

Time of Set Up: ?
Time of Clean Up: 5pm
EMB: Pearl High School (see EMB report posted on the PAC bulletin for more details)

  • Several parents attended DPAC meeting along with the DPAC representative. Pearl Chow and Cala Dyck presented as parents of EMB. The Nov. 2018 EMB High School Survey results were provided to DPAC . Barbara Lee also provided a presentation.
  • Detailed EMB report, High School Survey, Windermere Information notes are posted on the PAC bulletin. Currently not on the PAC website.
  • MOTION: approval by PAC that the survey represents the EMB parents and the PAC at any future meeting such as a District Committee meeting.
  • VOTE RESULTS (4 abstain, the rest of the attendees voted in favour, motion passed)
  • EMB High School UPDATE: Jan 16, 2019: Director of Instruction Adrian
    Keough has notified Norquay School that there will be an option to apply to Eric Hamber Mandarin Program after application to EMB Windermere for incoming Gr. 8 (current Gr. 7) Norquay students. More details to be provided by Principal Tim Krug and will be shared with Gr. 7 EMB students this week.
  • Posting a summary of historical EMB information on the Norquay PAC
    website has been raised but not completed yet.
  • Request that EMB parents would enjoy a social specific for EMB, but no active planning yet.
  • EMB Legacy: no update; Ms. Lau request for funding – supplies
  • Lunar New Year Celebration planning for Feb. 4th is well underway.
  • Thank you Tim Krug and masters practicum student Grace Yang who are supporting the LNY planning
  • EMB Correction to January Minutes: Barb asked Adrian Keogh – “so public money is funding a district program that is exclusive to one west-side school” His response was “Yes”. This was confirmed by other parents at that meeting and the meeting notes was changed to reflect this.
  • Feedback Heard from Barb regarding Eric Hamber and Windermere: Norquay EMB should have 2nd priority after Jamieson students at Hamber and not be in the same lottery as any other student with minimum Mandarin language
  • Jameson Mandarin should have 2nd priority after Norquay students at
    Windermere and not be in the same lottery as any other student with
    minimum Mandarin language
  • This would respect the families that have committed years in each of the programs
  • This may not be an issue for Windermere EMB now, but going forward if VSB is committed to Windermere’s EMB program as they stated, there could be a time that the popularity of this program to grow and a lottery would be needed.
  • With 150 parents attending Welcome to EMB for 12 spots, the demand would be there for high school if parents know there are other entry points and then send their children to Mandarin at Langara, etc. over the years if they didn’t get in at K or Gr. 4.
  • Ideally second EMB K class should be started at other school and work with UBC Ed to train teachers for this.
  • VSB needs to offer 2 classes of Mandarin at grade 8 and not just 2 classes of Mandarin – one at Gr.8 and one at Gr. 9 – otherwise it is still just an advance elective at each grade and not a program.

Special Events: Charis

  • Charis booked carnival attractions and some vendors
  • will require volunteers and assistance with planning for carnival
  • book fair in library will need volunteers
  • possible fundraising ideas: Chimp Chips and Teas and samosa sale – 20
    samosas for $20 (packing of samosa will be the main job)
  • Ewelina- proposal of cleaning up back wall of lunch room, but it was done in December
  • asked for extra garbage bin on playground, Tim agreed
  • From the Waffle Breakfast Save on Foods ended up donating all the waffles. Thank you Barb. Barb purchased the rest for about $350.

Transportation Update- Edna

  • Edna absent
  • a parent is going to make an application to the city for the crosswalks to be better lit
  • Communications Update – Janisha
  • contact Janisha if you want something posted
  • no updates
  • Special Project with Carry Over Funds Updates – Charis
  • team pinnies- Sarah Mulhall
  • Norquay school sign- Tim/Barb
  • author visit
  • question was asked to whether gaming funds could be used to purchase more sports equipment (balls, soccer nets)
  • ask parents to coach and ask parents for donations of sand toys (Janisha will advertise on blog)
  • MOTION to approve minutes – VOTE RESULTS – motion passed
  • Bronson will look into cost of scoreboards
    Meeting adjourned at 7:05
    Next meeting: March 13, 2019