Fresh To You Fundraiser – Orders Due October 23

The Fresh To You Fundraiser is a great way to promote healthy food choices. We have two
bundles to choose from! Bundle #1 is $25 and includes 5lbs of Potatoes, 3lbs of Beets, 2lbs of
Carrots, 1 Squash and 1 Rutabaga. Healthy recipes are included. Bundle #2 is $18 and includes
10lbs of Gala Apples! There are limited quantities of both so be sure to print this page and fill out the
order form  below and submit it with cash/cheque to the drop box at the office or order via Munch a
Lunch under Fundraising!
Orders Due: October 23
Pick-up: Second Week of November! We will let you know when we have an exact date
Phone Number: E-Mail:_____________________________
Bundle # and Quantity:_____________________________