PAC Meeting tomorrow, Sept 18th. 6pm in the Library. All Parents Welcome!!!

Norquay Elementary PAC
18 Sept 2018
6:00-7:30PM Norquay Library

● Welcome & Introductions, Attendance: (Charis 2 mins)
● Approve past minutes – May 2018 – See below (Charis 2 mins)
● Treasurer’s report – Proposed 2018/2019 budget (Annie 5 mins)
● Admin Message (Tim/Teena 10 mins)
● New Business
○ Garden Update (Val 2 Mins)
○ DPAC (Keerthiha 2 Mins)
○ Transportation (Edna 2 Mins)
○ EMB (Pearl 2 mins)
○ Grade 7 Parent/Student/Teacher Reception (Barb 2 Mins)
○ Special Project with Carry over Funds (Barb 5 Mins)
○ Hot Lunch & Munch a Lunch (Charis 2 mins)
■ Sign-Up Online:
○ Sign-Up to join a Committee – (Charis 3 mins)
■ Carnival – Plan, organize, help out
■ Transportation – Join Edna in promoting Bike to School, Finding
Donations, Parent Parking etc.
■ Garden – Help Val with Garden related activities
■ Halloween/Christmas/Lunar
● DJ Figs will be back to DJ for Halloween – but need others to plan,
organize, help
● Christmas – need helpers, planners, organizers
● Lunar – Pearl will organize but needs volunteers and help
■ Communications

● If you would like to post something to the PAC blog please email
me directly at Content should be
edited and ready to post. Blog posts are limited to events/info
that are directly related to the school. Other notices are better
suited for our Facebook group: Norquay Elementary PAC. Thanks

○ Available Positions – Election
■ Co-Chair
■ Member’s at Large
● Would like put forward Amy O’Brian’s name
■ Fundraising Coordinator
■ Volunteer Coordinator

● Adjournment

Next Meeting: November 21 @ 6pm

Please take a look at the following Minutes and Budgets up for approval at tomorrow’s meeting.

Budget for Gaming Acct 2018-2019 – version 2.xlsx

Budget for General Acct 2018-2019 – version 2

PAC MINUTES FOR MAY 22, 2018. Final

Garden Report – Sept 18, 2018

THANK YOU to all the summer watering volunteers that allowed our school garden to flourish over the dry summer months!  Special thanks to Ada Ng who took over extra watering days when the SPEC Intern was unable to continue due to illness.  Our other watering volunteers were Amy O’Biran, Annie Wong, Charis Broadbent, Christie & Jon Chua, Edna Aguinaga, Filomena Lucatuorto, teacher Ivy Chang, Jennifer Eng, Krista Kieswetter, Leigh Malone, Leslie Bishko, Mary Wilson, Nina O’Donnell, Pat Lee, Pearl Chow, Susan Scott and Val Kao.

  • Watering during the school year is shared by Ms. Linda de Jardin’s grade 6/7 class and Mr. Gary Loong’s class.
  • Nikoo from SPEC has already started gardening workshops again.  This fall term, she is leading Seed Saving Workshops and Composting Workshops.  She has space for 8 classes per workshops.  Each student pays $3/workshop.
  • We have lots of seeds we can save from the garden, and we would like to hold a seed and herb sale this fall.
  • We will make another request to West Coast Seeds for a seed donation for a larger variety of seeds to plant this year.
  • We will be doing a new sign up for teachers and their classes to take care of a planter box this year.  There are a total of 18 boxes in the Food Garden.  Teachers who sign up for a box will attend an information session during the October Pro D Day.  Teachers will need to commit to maintaining the box and cleaning it up at the end of the school year.
  • There is a UBC Think & Eat Green @ School (TEGS) event on Fri Sept 21 that Val and Linda de Jardin will attend.  We received a TEGS grant of $1,000 last year, and Val will apply for another TEGS grant this year.
  • This is the 2nd year we are incorporating the $3/student garden fee as part of the school fees.  We would like to have the entire school community involved with the garden, and are proposing another workshop with Lori Snyder, an indigenous herbalist and educator.  She has a “Medicinal Salve Making Workshop” involving infused plant oil and melted beeswax to make a healing skin salve.  It is $6 per student, and she has offered a 10% large group discount.  The PAC garden funds/grant would need to supplement the remaining balance of fees for the workshop.
  • We received another RBC Days of Giving Grant – $1,000 for garden projects and $1,000 for the library.  The garden project involves building low fences around the Native Plant Garden boxes, making stepping stones and painting garden markers.  We will need parent volunteers for the RBC Grant Work Nights on Wed Oct 3 and Thurs Oct 4.
  • Future garden considerations include hiring another organization like Earthbites to help us with year-long management of the garden.  However, the cost of this is about $35/student.  Also we may consider having a Fresh Roots farm on the school grounds, but the cost for this is significant as well, around $80,000.

Please contact Val at if you are would like to volunteer in any capacity for the garden.