PAC AGM Wine and Cheese – Today, May 22 @6pm in Library

The PAC AGM and Executive elections will be held today at 6:00pm in the Norquay Library. Wine and Cheese will be served 🙂 Lots of positions need filling for next year in order to have the activities we had this year happen again (Purdys, Hot Lunches, Carnival, Yearbook, Calendar, Halloween Social Etc). Hope to see you there. Childminding will be provided so bring the kids. Looking forward to seeing you!
There will also be door prizes! ALL PARENTS WELCOME!

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Norquay Elementary PAC


May 22, 2018

6:00PM Norquay Library

  1. Welcome
  2. 15 minutes to grab Wine/Cheese/Chat
  3. Call to Order by 6:15
  4. Approval of the Agenda
  5. Approval of Minutes for March 2017
  6. Election
    1. Chair (Co-Chair)
    2. Co-Chair
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Volunteer Coordinator
    6. Website Coordinator
    7. EMB Coordinator
    8. Fundraising Coordinator
    9. Communications Coordinator
    10. Members at Large
    11. DPAC representative
  7. School updates
    1. Principal/Vice-Principal
  8. Final Reports for 2017/18 (Highlights Given time permitting – please see written reports)
    1. Chair
    2. Treasurer
    3. Secretary
    4. Communications
    5. Gardening
    6. Transportation
    7. DPAC and EMB
  9. All other business
    1. Yearbook (10mins)
    2. Carnival/Rummage Sale (10mins)
    3. Bike to School Week (5 mins)
  10. Adjournment



Chair Year End Report – May 22, 2018 PAC AGM

Thank you everyone for all of your support this year. It was another successful year and I couldn’t have done it without all of your support, help and the many hours people put in to volunteer at all of our events.

We had an amazing Halloween Social that kicked off the school year, followed by our Christmas Social and lastly the Lunar New Year Event. Thanks to everyone who helped organize, pick up supplies and volunteer. This was such a great way to build community in our school and I can’t wait to have these events again next year.

Our Purdy’s, Meat, Gift Card Fundraisers were all another great success. As well as our Monthly PAC Hot Lunches, Freezie Days etc! We will be hopefully running these all again next year as long as we get the volunteers out.

We also had a new fundraiser of the School Calendar & Yearbook this year and so far these have been a huge hit and we can’t wait to see the final product of the school yearbook in June! Thanks Val & Barb for all your hard work putting these together!

We have our Carnival & Rummage Sale coming up and we know these are going to be successful events as always and of course we could always use more volunteers. In the past these events have raised a few thousand dollars so it is a great way to bring money into the school to purchase Playground Equipment, Technology for the school, Textbooks, Fund our School Clubs, support the Garden etc. So please come out and support these events and volunteer if you can.

Our major difficulty this year was finding volunteers. We have the same group of parents/caregivers/grandparents volunteering for the majority of our fundraising efforts. Hopefully, we can broaden this group for next year to make for another successful year. Please help us spread the word that we are always looking for volunteers! If anyone has any ideas on how to get new and more parents out please let us know!!

Thank you again to every parent, grandparent, caregiver and volunteer for all of their support this year. It is a huge amount of time and effort and we appreciate it so much. We would not be able to do the things we do without your support and help.

Thank you to the teachers and staff for always being a welcome support of the PAC.

Lastly, thank you to our new Principal (Tim Krug) and Vice Principal (Teena Smith). It has been such a pleasure working with you both this year and we look forward to working closely with all the admin again next year.

Charis Broadbent Chair, Norquay Elementary PAC 2016/2017

Treasurer’s Year End Report – May 22, 2018 PAC AGM

2018 Gaming Budget

2018 Gaming ledger

2018 General Budget v2

2018 General ledger

-Annie Wong

Transportation Year End Report – May 22, 2018 PAC AGM

– We developed a one page flyer to share with parents when they arrive to school and are dropping off students in areas where they shouldn’t park. We kept doing that for a few moths but didnt see much results
– We kept putting out the cones out, to avoid parents to park in no parking areas. Though it definitely helps when the cones are there, we have had parents even driving away with the cones as they are parking in between the cones. So, we found this wasn’t quite working either.
– We decided to focus our education more on students and had a meeting with teachers to gather ideas and feedback on what to present at the school assembly.
– We printed 3 traffic signs and had a presentation at the school assembly to teach kids what it means and what their parents/care givers should do. We gave teachers a handout to distribute to students so that they could take this information home
– We had a banner made that is now hanging on the fence of the school saying “Park safely, park legally”
– We contacted ICBC to ask for some improvements in traffic around the school (newest flash light, no left turn sign in Slocan, move bus stop 100 meters south, refresh crosswalk markings)
– We registered Norquay for Bike to school week (BTSW), which will take place from May 28th to Jun 1st.
– We have used the 300 dollars allocated from PAC to get the traffic signs printed, the banner and some small presents for the kids that will bike to school during BTSW.
-Edna Aguinaga
Garden Year End Report – May 22, 2018 PAC AGM
  • The year started off with SPEC (Society Promoting Environmental Conservation) holding their Green Thumbs Green Futures Fundraising dinner event at the Norquay Garden on Sept 14/17 with Brian Minter as the guest speaker.
  • We sold herbs from the garden in Sept raising about $200!
  • We planted a small bay leaf tree that was donated by Brian Minter, 2 dwarf apple trees and 1 dwarf plum tree in Oct. There is protective caging and signage, provided by Mark Warkentin, around each tree.
  • We produced the first Norquay Garden Calendar for 2018 raising over $500! Students submitted beautiful garden-themed art.  We may consider producing a school-year calendar from Sept-June in the future.
  • Each of the 18 planter boxes in the Food Garden now has a chalkboard sign on one end to write any information or communicate any messages about the box.
  • 2017-18 is the first year we had a Garden Fee of $3 per student. We used the fees to provide every class in the school with a “Walk About” workshop by Lori Snyder, an Indigenous educator, who taught the students about the medicinal and edible uses of everyday plants growing all around us.  Students learned that dandelion, plantain, chickpea to name a few are more just weeds!  The workshop cost $5 per student so PAC paid for the balance of the costs.
  • We requested and received a generous donation of seeds from West Coast Seeds.
  • Nikoo led 8 classes each term in the SPEC gardening workshops including Composting, Winter Garden Preparation, Starting Seedlings, Transplanting Seedlings and Pollinators and Insects. The students participating in the workshops in the final term will enjoy delicious dishes using the food from the garden at the Harvest Festival on June 22.
  • SPEC generously donated funds to supply a large 1 yard bag of soil amendment, and PAC purchased an additional bag. SPEC also donated two more Growoyas to replace damaged ones.
  • Gary Loong’s grade 5/6 class helped to dig out the Growoyas in Oct to safely store them indoors for winter, and also helped to dig them back into the soil in early March before outdoor planting began.
  • We had to replace a cracked cedar plank on one of the storage boxes. Russ Evans gave us the cedar at no charge, and Mark Warkentin was able to fix it.

-Valeria Kao

EMB Year End Report – May 22, 2018 PAC AGM

FALL 2017
  • Windermere Secondary chosen for continuation of program at the high school level. Six Norquay students will be in the Grade 8 class. 
  • Late entry opened for the first time this year to students in Grades 4-6; the first intake will be in fall of 2018 and at this time, one Grade 4 and one Grade 6 student will be joining us. Nine Grade 1’s will also be joining the program. 
  • District-wide teacher shortage having a big impact on EMB program – problems persist with recruiting, attracting qualified teachers and TOCs.


  • New teacher hired for 2/3 EMB split. Team teaching with Ms. Gofsky.
  • Lunar New Year Social – a first for the PAC! The after school event was a success thanks to the participation of student performers, volunteers and the support of small businesses and Norquay staff/administration. 
  • Lunar New Year Parade in Chinatown. Just as in years past, Norquay students joined the Maria Mimie Ho Foundation to perform in the annual parade. The sun came out in perfect time for the group which included some 150 dancers to put on a fantastic show. Thanks to all the participants and especially Ms. Kwan who organizes and coordinates Norquay’s participation every year.


  • New teacher hired for 6/7 EMB split. Team teaching with Ms. Lau. 
  • In anticipation of the first EMB cohort graduating from Norquay this June, an EMB Founders Recognition Ceremony was held in March to celebrate and honour the founders and champions of the EMB program. A lovely event was held in the library and included EMB and VSB Staff, former VSB superintendent Ms. Valerie Overgaard, Ms. Eileen Sue and members of BC Parents 4 Mandarin, UBC professors Dr. Henry Yu and Ai Mizuta plus parents and PAC executives (current and former). Ms. Eileen Sue presented Norquay with a beautiful scroll to commemorate the special occasion. A journalist and photographer from the Vancouver Courier covered the event and watched as attendees visited classrooms and witnessed students speaking, singing and writing in Mandarin.
Parents, please continue advocating for the longevity of the program and keeping quality standards high. This is a fantastic program that, in my opinion, should be expanded to include more schools across the district. We need to keep getting the word out and encouraging the VSB and Ministry of Education to think creatively about hiring and do more to encourage partnerships with university students in teaching programs. Thank you for allowing me to be your PAC Representative the past two years. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your children.
Shauna Cook

Playground YearEnd Report – May 22, 2018 PAC AGM

  • New person(s) needed to take this project on to beautify the Norquay school grounds and ensure maintenance for rubber surfacing, outdoor playground equipment, outdoor boulder classroom is continued.  
  • Natural outdoors play area/landscaping project envisioned for Norquay similar to Selkirk Elementary and Highlands Elemenatry (North Van). Please see attachment for images of Highlands and Selkirk. Possible built-in track or dividing up the field so soccer can continue to be played.  We have confirmed with VSB rentals and facilities that the gravel field is not used by others (baseball, soccer, etc). Costs for project estimated at $15-25K.
  • Chinese hopscotch on rubber surface – Marathon repainted the hopscotch in early Septmeber 2017 as the design was already worn out. Marathon has the template for the dragon hopscotch and the Chinese numbers.  The numbers should be repainted in the future.
  • Buddy benches. We currently have 3 buddy benches on the school grounds which have been beautifully designed and painted by students in classes led by Ms. Holly Paris and Ms. Melanie Paris. We had planned to have 6-8 buddy benches at the school to encourage student inclusion. There is still paint available (7 Dulux colours) for this project. A minimum of 2 classes needed to take this project on as buddy classes.  Costs: ~$850 per new bench (includes non-vandalizing treatment). 6-8 benches $5100-$6800.
  • Picnic tables.  More picnic tables envisioned for the school grounds, especially the grass area by the basketball courts and garden.  Costs vary significantly depending on table design. To match current concrete tables in the garden area would cost ~$2000 per table including installation by VSB.   
  • More basketball hoops would be ideal as Norquay is a large school with many basketball players.  Location(s) to be determined. Previously, we had considered moving the tetherball poles closer to the fence and installing basketball hoops in their place.   
  • Maintenance funds for rubber surfacing were approved previously to ensure funding available in the PAC annual budget for any necessary repairs by Marathon in future years.  Two rakes were purchased to rake leaves off playground in the fall. Need to ensure raking is continued either by student leaders or assigned individual (eg. Matteo)
  • Outdoor boulder classroom  – if rocks need to be turned/moved (due to sharp edges), VSB facilities should be contacted.  They will adjust and reset with limestone to secure boulders. In future, rounded boulders should be used.


The volunteer sign-up sheet located at the reception was used by several staff this year to ask for parent volunteers for different scenarios.  Various parents were able to help out throughout the school in various capacities. Examples include: filing books in the library, repairing books, accompanying classes on field trips and community walks, tying skates and more skates, pumping balls in the gym, washing jerseys, helping out in the classroom with art projects, filing, posting students’ work, photocopying and assisting with school-wide events.

Parent volunteers have helped build our Norquay community and have been the reason that we can offer monthly PAC hot lunches (Pizza, Subway), host Pancake/Waffle Breakfasts, maintain the Garden, hold festive celebrations at Hallowe’en and Christmas, and start new initiatives like the Rummage Sale and Lunar New Year celebration.  

We would like to encourage every parent/guardian to get involved and contribute to the Norquay community – we are always looking for more people!  We can use translators, transportation monitors, help in the library, volunteers for the upcoming Book Exchange, the Rummage sale and the Carnival in June.        

-Letti Kwong