PAC Meeting – All Parents Welcome! March 14th, 6pm – Library

Please join us March 14th at 6pm in the School Library for our PAC Meeting. We would love to see everyone come out and attend. If you have a child/grandchild in the school you are a part of our school PAC (Parent Advisory Committee). There will be treats, tea and FREE BABYSITTING for kids of all ages (not just school aged). Please see below for the Agenda. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Norquay Elementary PAC


March 14 2018

6:00-7:30PM Norquay Library

    • Welcome & Introductions, Attendance: (2 mins – Charis)
    • Approve past minutes – January 2018- See below (1 min – Charis)


  • Approve Nov Agenda
  • Ice Breaker – (10mins- Charis)


  • Treasurer’s report – Vote in Annie (10 mins – Annie)
  • Admin Message (5 mins  – Tim/Tina)
  • Old business/Updates (2 mins)
  • New Business
    • Garden Update (2mins – Val)
    • Fundraising/Volunteer Update (2mins – Charis)
    • EMB Update (2min – Shauna)
    • Communications (2min – Janisha)
    • Traffic Update (2mins – Edna)
    • Fundraising
      • Yearbook (2mins – Barb)
      • Carnival (3 mins – Charis)
      • Rummage Sale (2mins – Amy)
      • Other & Discussion(10mins – Barb’s Questions)
    • Motions
      • Motion to approve water tap for garden from Gaming Account
      • Motion to approve water fountain for school from Gaming Account

PAC Meeting April 17 Guest Speaker!! @ 6:00pm

March 14/18  PAC Meeting   Garden Report

  • Ms. M. Paris’s Grade 1 class has the opportunity to participate in Growing Chefs and is requesting PAC to help fund the $400 fee as we have done in the past.  A few other classes are participating in Project Chef which is provided free of charge.
  • Big thank you to SPEC (Society Promoting Environmental Conservation) for providing the funds of approximately $150 for the large 1 yard bag of soil amendment.
  • SPEC planting and insects workshops are ongoing.  The Harvest Festival for classes doing the SPEC workshops is on June 22.
  • Interested teachers have signed up for a garden box, and information has been given regarding seeds, garden markers, other supplies, etc.
  • One of the garden boxes will be herbs only and another box will be potatoes only.  Thank you to Nikoo from SPEC for providing organic potatoes to use as seeds.
  • Garden gloves require regular washing to prevent mold buildup in the storage box.
  • The entire school is participating in a Walk About Workshop with Lori Snyder, an Indigenous educator who is teaching the students about the medicinal and edible uses for plants that grow naturally all around us.  The school community is learning to look at the plants around us in a new light and gain an even greater appreciation for Mother Nature.  The cost of $5 per student is funded by the school garden fees and the UBC Think & Eat Green @ School (TEGS) grant.
  • Mr. Loong’s Grade 5-6 class dug in the Growoya terracotta watering vessels last week.  A few Growoyas are cracked/damaged and will need replacing.
  • A cedar wood plank on one of the storage boxes split in half and had to be replaced.  Thank you to Russ Evans for providing the replacement cedar plank for free and to Mr. Warkentin and Mr. Loong for fixing it.
  • school assembly on Mon April 9 will feature a Food Cycle presentation by the UBC Intern provided by the TEGS grant as well as a Honeybee presentation by parent Derrick To.
  • The Vancouver Foundation’s Small Neighbourhood Grants application for up to $500 is due April 9.  Val will assist with writing the application, but 2 other applicants need to live within the school neighbourhood for the application to be eligible.  The grant cannot be for existing PAC programs, but can be used for a community/neighbourhood event.  We will apply to have a “Summer Garden Cleanup and Picnic” event around the time of the Saskatoon Berry harvest in July.


Tentative PAC minutes – Jan. 23, 2018