We Want Your Used Stuff!

Norquay parents are hosting a garage sale on Tuesday, June 13 to raise money for the school. We need your gently used clothing, books, toys, sports equipment, jewelry, and small household items to make the sale a success. Don’t ship those goodies off to Value Village, Big Brothers, or your local thrift store. Save them for the school!

We will be arranging two drop-off days in advance of the sale so that items can be categorized and priced. We will not be accepting furniture, electronics, appliances, stuffed toys, text books or clothing with holes or stains. (If a volunteer determines that your items are unsuitable for the sale, you will be asked to take them away with you.)
All proceeds from the sale will go to the PAC, which helps fund the garden, buys new equipment for the playground, supports school clubs and subsidizes field trips.
Stay tuned for more info!