All Parents: BCTF Presentation on the new BC Curriculum TODAY, 6pm in Library

REMINDER: The PAC is excited to host a presentation on the new BC curriculum by the BCTF. This is open to all parents of our school community. Childcare will be provided. It will take place TODAY Tuesday, April 18th at 6pm in the library. We hope to see you all there!


Regular PAC meeting to follow:

Norquay Elementary PAC


18 April 2017

6:00-7:30PM Norquay Library


  • PAC Presentation: “BC’s New Curriculum” – Manjit from BCTF (45 min)
  • Welcome & Introductions, Attendance: (2 mins – Charis)
  • Approve past minutes – February 21st, 2017 & March 28, 2017- See below (2 mins – Charis)
  • Approve April 18th Agenda
  • Teacher Representative (2 mins)
  • Treasurer’s report – Update on Budget (5 mins – Shirley)
  • Old business/Updates (1 min)
  • Admin Message (5 mins – Margaret/Sharon)
  • New Business (15mins)


  • Garden Update (2mins) – Val
  • Playground Update (2mins – Report Below)
  • Fundraising/Volunteer Update (5mins – Charis)
  • EMB Update (2min – Shauna) – Report Below
  • Communications (2min – Janisha)
  • Traffic Update (2mins – Report Below)



Next PAC Meeting AGM May 16th @ 6:00pm Planning possible wine & cheese style meeting…More info to follow

Playground Update for PAC meeting April 2017 
– painting of existing basketball courts, hopscotches, tetherballs and new designs for concrete areas still to occur. Hoping for good weather stretch to schedule with VSB painting. May 5th ProD day is a possibility.

– Div 3 (Grade 6 – H. Paris) and Div 21 (Grade 1 – M. Paris/S. Gruger) have buddied together to design and paint the first buddy benches at Norquay.  Please see attached photos from Ms Paris. The benches will be weather proofed then assembled by VSB grounds. Date still to be confirmed.

– if more funds available, would like to have an additional 4-6 buddy benches at the school. New benches approx $850, using existing benches approx $350. Colourful outdoor acrylic paint (7 pails) plus brushes and primer paint purchased in November from Dulux to be used for other benches.

Volunteering at Norquay

– Special thanks to the parents who have volunteered their time and efforts to helping out with PAC lunches. The organization and delivery of subway lunches went so efficiently and effectively thanks to the parents who helped. We have several more PAC lunches coming up (April 21, May 26, June 2, June 9) and we can always use more help. There is a signup sheet in the basement to add your name or email if you are able to help out.
– Did you know? There is a clipboard located under the school banner at the front office. Teachers, staff and admin will list tasks here for volunteer opportunities in their classroom or for the school. Examples include photocopying, putting up artwork, washing jerseys, accompanying classes on field trips, pumping balls in the gym. If you are able to help out, check out the clipboard or ask Letti for more info.

Transportation Report –  April 18th, 2017

– We got three parents to volunteer to help out setting up cones during drop off, pick up times. We are doing at least 2 or 3 times per week. Holman kindly purchased more cones, so that we could substantially cover the area where parents shouldn’t park. We have received some harsh comments from parents, complaining that now they have to go and park to pick up/ drop off their kids, that this makes things more unsafe, etc. We have tried to explain parents this is really a NO STOP zone, but will take some time for parents to realize. It would be good if in the newsletter something could be added about why we have parents setting up cones and why we ask parents to respect the No Stop zone.


– Margaret received an offer from VPD to have someone coming to talk about Bike Safety in the Health & Wellness day. If that doesn’t work, we will find someone else to cover this topic.


– Gregor has been calling the Parking Enforcement Authority to keep Norquay’s name on the list of school to come and issue tickets. We are trying to do it once a month so that we keep a constant presence of the Parking Enforcement Authority.


EMB Report

  • I attended the second meeting of the EMB Secondary Transition Committee on Monday, April 3, 2017.
  • In this meeting, the committee dug in on potential secondary schools for the program. Nancy (Brennan) led by first touching on important success factors – SUPPORT (resources and staff as well as the program being embraced) + PHYSICAL SPACE/structures. It was then announced that the committee will focus on a site where there are existing Mandarin courses.
  • A chart was given to all attendees listing the 18 secondary schools and the following information:
    • Current Mandarin program/courses
    • Number of Students by Grade (as of March 2017)
    • Proximity to EMB Families
    • District Programs currently at each school
    • Facilities Information
  • Anne Lee from Facilities at the VSB then spoke to the group about schools with active seismic projects (Hamber, Thompson) as well as those at an earlier stage of seismic phase (Templeton) or out of consideration because of capacity, e.g. Churchill because it’s operating at 98% / has 1900 students and multiple district programs already.
  • The next meeting is set for Monday, May 15th.
  • Special Note Re: EMB Coffee & Chat – Friday, April 29th at 9 AM – Norquay Library
    • Nancy Brennan, Associate Superintendent, and Adrian Keough, Director of Instruction, will be joining Principal Margaret Jorgensen and myself as we update parents on the EMB secondary school selection process. Please join us and bring any questions you may have or email them my way so I can ask on your behalf. is the email address. Thank you!

April 18/17  PAC Meeting   Garden Report

  • Ms Chang is helping to coordinate classes to sign up for the new planter boxes available.
  • Nikoo from SPEC is coming on May 3 and 11 to do more garden workshops.
  • Val submitted another Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds Grant application by the April 13 deadline.  We await their response to our request for the maximum of $3,500 to enhance our garden (installation of new water tap, hoses, signage, tools, gloves, mulch etc.)
  • Garden funds are depleted, and we need new ways of generating funds.  Administration and staff are supportive of having a “garden fee” of $3 to $5 per student incorporated with the other school fees for 2017-18.
  • PAC did not give the garden any extra funds this year as it has done in the past ($5,000 per year for the last few years except this year).  We would like to request this $5,000 garden fund to be reinstated for 2017-18.
  • We are receiving $611 from SPEC who submitted our school’s name for the UBC Botanical Garden’s Christmas tree chipping donations!
  • Still waiting for VSB Maintenance to give a new quote for a new water tap to be in the middle of the garden instead of at the portable building.  The original quote for the tap at the portable was $767, but this revised plan will require an underground hose bib so the cost will be significantly more.
  • We will be installing new signage in May-June with the help of RBC Days of Giving Grant, Mr. Warkentin and RBC volunteers.
  • We hope to have a Pocket Market at the school later this spring to sell some of the vegetables we’ve grown as a fundraiser.  In the fall, we plan to sell seeds that we’ve collected from the garden.

Garden Club is led by Ms Chang on Thursdays at noon and open to all students.
March 28 2017 PAC minutes

PAC MINUTES – Feb 21 2017.docx