PAC presentation Tuesday Feb 21st 6pm- Social Media for Parents – BCTF

Just a reminder that our next PAC Presentation will be this Tuesday at our PAC meeting. We are pleased to have the BCTF present on Social Media for Parents. Please note that free childcare will be available.

Norquay Elementary PAC


21 Feb 2017

6:00-7:30PM Norquay Library


  • PAC Presentation: “Social Media 4 Parents” – Carolyn from BCTF  (45 min)
  • Welcome & Introductions, Attendance: (2 mins – Charis)
  • Approve past minutes – December 13, 2016 & January 17, 2017- See below (2 mins – Charis)
  • Approve Feb 21st Agenda
  • Teacher Representative (2 mins)
  • Treasurer’s report – Update on Budget (5 mins – Shirley)
  • Old business/Updates (1 min)
  • New Business (15mins)
  • Admin Message (5 mins  – Margaret/Sharon)
    • Garden Update (2mins) – See Below
    • Playground Update (2mins – Letti)
    • Fundraising/Volunteer Update (5mins – Charis)
      • Munch a Lunch
      • April, May & June Lunches
      • Direct Drive
    • EMB Update (2min –  Shauna – See Below) 
    • Communications (2min – Janisha)
    • Traffic Update (2mins – Edna)



Next PAC Meeting March 28th @ 6:00pm 

Feb 21/17  PAC Meeting   Garden Report

  • VSB Grounds is very behind schedule, so the ground prep and gravel pad will be done after we build the 6 new planter boxes.  The construction of the new boxes is still scheduled for Tues Feb 28 and Thurs Mar 2.
  • We plan to have the new planter boxes placed outside by 2:00pm on Thurs Mar 2, and then we will need help to transfer soil to the boxes. Please let Val know if you are available to shovel some dirt after 2pm on Thurs Mar 2!  Please BYOS (Bring Your Own Shovel).
  • Nikoo from SPEC has completed Indoor Seedling Workshops with 7 different classes ranging from grade K to grade 7, and the seedlings are doing well with the new fluorescent grow lights.  Nikoo will lead Transplanting Workshops to transplant these seedling outdoors on May 3-4. Workshops to plant cool weather crops directly outside are on March 8-9.
  • We hope to have a Pocket Market at the school later this spring to sell some of the vegetables we’ve grown as a fundraiser.  In the fall, we plan to sell seeds that we’ve collected from the garden.
  • The garden fund will be depleted after building the new planter boxes.  Val will be submitting more grant applications over the next few months, but we would like PAC to consider setting aside more funds for the garden as it has done in previous years.
  • We plan to make more garden signage using funds from the RBC Days of Giving Grant.

Feb 21/17 PAC Meeting EMB Report

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to speak with Nancy Brennan, the associate superintendent at the VSB who is heading up the newly created EMB Transition to Secondary Committee. The intention of my call was twofold: 1) to introduce myself as I will be a member of this committee along with Ms. Jorgensen and Ms. Ba, and 2) to inquire about a the April 30, 2018 date assigned to deciding upon a suitable secondary school for the EMB Program.  For reference, Nancy authored and submitted a report to Committee III on January 4, 2017 stating “…a final recommendation as to a proposed secondary school site will be brought to the Board no later than April 30, 2018.” 

I was personally concerned by this date – as I know many of you are – so I thought it best to check with Nancy directly and find out if it was written in error. Here is what I learned:

  • Policy language was followed with regards to the April 2018 final decision date for an EMB secondary school. It’s very likely a decision will be made before then depending on how smoothly discussions run in the EMB secondary transition committee meetings. The committee is expected to meet 2-3x before the end of this school year.
  • A list of potential secondary schools for the program has not been narrowed yet.
  • The school-based articulation process for grade 7’s begins as early as October where Choice program information is distributed to schools and parent information nights are held throughout October – November.   Students are given the opportunity to visit high schools as groups to learn about the culture and support the transition into secondary schools.  I expressed our hope that the EMB grade 7’s will also be part of that process with a secondary site identified by or before the fall. Nancy mentioned some of the current challenges with space, seismic upgrades and so forth that could make it difficult to determine a site.
  • I asked what parents can do to help move the process along so that a decision can be reached sooner and I heard the following: 
    • Respond to calls for feedback, surveys and any other questions the committee asks in a timely manner.
    • Be willing to listen to the reasons why the district is selecting X schools as options for the program, i.e. staying away from a “this is the only school that’s acceptable” attitude.
    • Keep a respectful and open dialogue throughout the process.
Please hone in on the points made in the last bullet and understand that I will impress upon the committee the urgency in determining a site for the program. The committee is meeting for the first time on Thursday, March 2, 2017. You can expect to hear back from me following the meeting with next steps and more news. It may be appropriate at that time to proceed with a letter writing campaign.

January 17, 2017 PAC minutes tentative

PAC-Dec.13,2016 minutes tentative and revised