PAC Meeting December 13th Agenda & EMB/ Tentative November 15th PAC Meeting Minutes

Norquay Elementary PAC


13 Dec 2016

6:00-7:30PM Norquay Library

    • Welcome & Introductions, Attendance: (2 mins – Charis)
    • Approve past minutes – November 15th 2016 – See below (2 mins – Charis)


  • Approve December 13th Agenda
  • Teacher Representative (2 mins)


    • Treasurer’s report – Update on Budget (5 mins – Shirley)


  • Old business/Updates (2 mins)


  • Admin Message (5 mins  – Margaret/Sharon)
  • New Business
    • Garden Update (2mins – Val – Report below)
    • Playground Update (2mins – Letti)
    • Fundraising/Volunteer Update (2mins – Charis)
    • EMB Update (2min –  Shauna)
    • Communications (2min – Janisha)
    • Traffic Update (2mins – Report Below)


Next PAC Meeting January 17th @ 6:00pm

Dec 13/16  PAC Meeting        Garden Report


  • Requesting small kitchen compost containers or ice cream buckets with lids to be donated for classrooms to put raw vegetables and fruit peels for our 3-bin compost.  Please give any containers to Ms. Ivy Chang.
  • Building of the 6 additional 4×8’ raised planters will be on Tues Feb 28 (with 10 leader students building 1 box) and Thurs Mar 2 (with 20+ other students building the remaining 5 boxes).  Ms. De Jardin’s grade 6/7 class will be doing the build with Mr. Russ Evans.
  • VSB Maintenance will be installing a new water tap outside of the portable classroom closer to the garden.


We can use your help to grow our garden!  Please contact Val at if you would like to volunteer with the Garden Committee.

Dec 13/16  PAC Meeting        Transportation Report


  • We have decided to use the map that we received from VSB in two ways:
  • The hard copies will be posted in three places around the school, so that students can get familiar with it
  • We will include the electronic copy in a communication bulletin around safety
  • Communication bulletin. We decided to do a special bulletin focused on safety around transportation to school, either it is walking, biking, using transit or driving. We will include some safety tips for each mode of transportation and encourage people to review the map and ensure they are taking the best route and safest to school. In this bulletin we will also call for parent volunteers to help out one week in January and one in February (dates to be determined) to enforce the parking/no parking regulations around school.
  • Sandwich boards. We will be doing a few sandwich boards to help the patrol and the volunteer parents communicate the message of where parents can´t park and the areas that should remain clear. This ones will be in English and Chinese.
  • The city doesn’t have yet a timeline as to when the new signage will be put in place, but we have decided to start educating parents to respect the spaces that will be later on (hopefully in 2017) marked as no parking or drop off.


EMB Meeting Minutes – November 15, 2016

Tentative PAC Meeting Minutes – November 15, 2016