Tentative Agenda – September 20, 2016 6pm

Norquay Elementary PAC


20 Sept 2016

6:00-7:30PM Norquay Library

    • Welcome & Introductions, Attendance: (Charis 2 mins)
    • Approve past minutes – June 2016 – See below (Charis 2 mins)
    • Treasurer’s report – proposed 2016/2017 budget (Shirley 5 mins)


  • Old business/Updates (2 mins)
  • Teacher Representative (2 mins)


  • Admin Message (Margaret/Sharon 5 mins)
  • New Business
      • Garden Update (2mins or written report please)
      • Playground Update (2mins or written report please)
      • Sign-Up to join a Committee – (Vote for “head” in Oct). (5 mins)
        • Carnival
        • Transportation
        • Garden
        • Playground
        • Fundraising/Volunteers
        • Communications
      • Election’s (5 mins)
        • Co-Chair
        • Member’s at Large
        • DPAC
        • Treasurer (to transition Shirley out)
      • Discuss EMB Position & Separate Mtgs. (2 mins)
      • Finalize Constitution/Bylaws from last year – Vote at Oct Mtg. (Barb will do a brief overview of the motions that need to be discussed) (5mins)
      • Break into small groups to discuss what “Special” topics we want to discuss at PAC Mtgs. (In all future PAC Mtgs. I would like to see half of the time spent on business and half on Guest Speakers – so brainstorm ideas :)) (20mins)


  • Adjournment




Next Meeting October 18 @ 6pm


Please see below for motions to be presented and later voted on in October.

1.  In section IV –EXECUTIVE

  • MOTION:  Executive shall be defined as encompassing all elected positions

Discussion:  This would be regardless if a vote was taken or not because there was only one person that stepped up for the position.  Executive does not mean committee chairs such as Playground or Garden, but needs to clarify if it includes Members at Large.


  • MOTION:  Change two DPAC Representatives to one DPAC Representative and one Early Mandarin Bilingual (EMB) Representative.  The EMB Representative will put name forward to serve as DPAC representative for the Modern Languages Advisory Committee.

Discussion:  There was a change from two DPAC Reps to one DPAC Rep and the EMB Rep position was spun out of this, but there has been discussion as to whether or not EMB Rep position was formalized, so this is an opportunity to formalize the EMB Rep position.  Regular DPAC position represents the “regular” stream, and EMB would represent EMB stream if this is of a concern to some that there is a balance of representation.  EMB Rep should not be called Modern Language Rep as Norquay does not offer other Modern languages such as French, Spanish, Korean, etc, so cannot speak to these other programs and French Immersion identifies themselves as French.

  • MOTION:  Change from:

The election of representatives to SPC and DPAC must be by secret ballot changed to:
The election of representatives to DPAC must be by secret ballot if there are more than one candidate for this one position.

Discussion:  Ease of elections if only one person steps forward for position.

  • MOTION:  Delete all positions of School Planning Council and any references to SPC

Discussion:  This council has been repealed by BC School Act, some of these duties will be fulfilled by PAC


  • MOTION:  Communications and Website Coordinator will be combined and fall under Communication Coordinator

Discussion – parent can help with certain skills and not have to undertake a full PAC Exec position.  if person does not have all the right skills, then can get others to help.

  • MOTION:  Insert following description of Early Mandarin Bilingual (EMB) Representative in Constitution and Bylaws after “The DPAC Representative will” section

The EMB Representative will
work with the DPAC Rep to attend meetings at the Vancouver School District Parent Advisory Council to speak on matters pertaining to the EMB program
put their name forward to be on the Modern Language Advisory Committee
provide feedback from EMB parents to PAC and school Admin and
receive, circulate and post information, brochures, newsletters, announcements, etc. that may be of interest or concern to the EMB parents and program
liase with other parents from other schools that have a Mandarin language program


MOTION: add under 6.
All financial transactions over $500 require motion of approval at a General Meeting, notwithstanding special circumstances.

Discussion:  It is to make sure that there is proper checks and balances for use of PAC funds. “notwithstanding” in my interpretation is “even with special circumstances”, these decisions need to be brought back to PAC, unless there are provisions already made in the Budget for expenses.