Call for Carnival Volunteers! June 9th 3-7pm

Hi All – we need LOTS of volunteers for the Carnival June 9th 3-7pm. Shifts can be arranged so that everyone has time to enjoy the Carnival with their families! Contact or see the sign up sheet in the school student lunchroom!
5-10 people for set up/take down for overall event – setting up tables and tents, hang decorations and signs etc before and after the event. A great opportunity for families that want to volunteer and enjoy the Carnival.
We need at least 4 volunteers for raffle/silent auction –
Set-up volunteers need to work quickly and in teams to set up tables and chairs, hang decorations and signs, arrange items for the silent auction, set-up bar stations, registration table, and equipment.
Auction Volunteers – Act as table monitors who watch over the bidding process and help answer any questions donors might have. They can also keep an eye on smaller items that can easily be stolen as well as pick up the bid sheets once a section has been closed out. Encourage bidding on silent auction items, answer bidder questions and efficiently close items purchased at the “Buy it now” price. Once the silent auction closes, they remove the silent bid sheets and take the silent auction items to the merchandise packaging area for pickup. These volunteers sort winning items into merchandise bags for pickup at the end of the evening. They’ll need to match the winning bidder number, retrieve the items and mark them off on the on receipt. At end of the evening, they help bidders find their purchases, address any problems and provide assistance carrying items to the car, if needed.
Tear Down/Clean up volunteers – we’ll need people who can quickly and efficiently clean up the facility: fold up tables, carry out the trash, stack chairs, remove decorations, sweep up, and load auction equipment and supplies into cars to return to theschool.
2-3 people needed for Cakewalk/bakewalk – As music plays, children walk around a large circle with numbers. When the music stops, a number is picked from a container and the child standing closest to the corresponding number on the circle wins a cake. We need a team of at least 2 parent volunteers – one person needed to control the line up, second person to manage the game.
Donated cakes or other prizes will be provided
A music device, such as an iPhone or portable CD player will be provided
Set up and manage table to display prizes
Keep track of construction paper or pieces of cardboard to display numbers
Keep track of Chalk, markers, or crayons for writing numbers
50/50 Ticket sales – We need volunteers to circulate among guests and sell raffle tickets. This is a great opportunity for anyone who’s kids are a bit more independant.
4 people needed for food handling – volunteers needed to work behind the refreshment bar, and serve all the food and drinks, monitor the area in front of the bar for cleanliness, mop up spills, etc. Volunteers will need to ensure that family members use tickets.
4-6 volunteers for craft table – Volunteers needed to work at the free arts & craft tables. Monitor supplies to ensure there are enough materials, also help with ensuring that these areas are free of trash and kept orderly. Well suited for parents with younger children who will enjoy taking part in the craft table.
And 4 people for pony lineups and walkers – no horse experience required!
Thank you for your continued support!