Norquay Elementary School
Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Meeting Minutes 19 January 2016

IN ATTENDANCE: Chair: Mary Wilson. PAC Members: Bronson Lee, Barbara Lee, Amy O’Brian, Janet Deng, Janisha Haywood, Valeria Kao, Christie Chua, Linda Chow, Charis Broadbent, Keelan Simurda, Anna Russell (notes). Admin: Sharon Vieira, Margaret Jorgensen.

1. Welcome/call to order
The meeting was called to order and PAC welcomed Norquay’s new Vice Principal, Sharon Vieira.

2. Approval of the agenda
The agenda for 19 January was approved.

3. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Moved by: Mary To approve the minutes of 19 December, 2015
Seconded by: Barb

4. Reports:
Treasurer: the treasurer was absent so there was no report

b) Fundraising and volunteers (Charis)
A second direct drive is recommended for the spring. The staff committee will confirm the priority list for technological equipment to be purchased from the first direct drive. Barb raised the issue that parents need to be informed of what the first Direct Drive funds were used for when sending out the next Direct Drive. PAC and Principal agreed this was a good idea.

PAC approved the following fundraising activities:
Family photographs through Lifetouch Canada – at $20-30/family, with all proceeds going to PAC (families order prints online). Next year PAC could consider a formal dinner to coincide with photo taking night.
Subway lunch days in February/March
A meat fundraiser instead of the normal spring Purdie’s sale.
Volunteers are needed for the upcoming Book Fair.

c) Transportation Committee (Edna)
The Committee Chair, Edna, submitted a brief report (see attached). We are awaiting a designated contact at HASTeBC. Anyone interested in volunteering for this committee, please follow up.

d) Carnival (Keelan)
The Committee has booked Fraser Amusements to provide 5 rides, 4 games and a bouncy castle. PAC will get 10% of profits, but rides were not a big revenue generator last year anyway. PAC will concentrate more on food, cake walk, silent raffle, etc. There are some limitations on what we can do, according to the contract with Fraser.

Barb offered to help get prizes. Anyone else interested in helping out with sponsorships, fundraising, raffles, is encouraged to contact Keelan or Charis. Tax receipts can be issued if you have an actual store receipt for an item you bought and are donating to the carnival.

e) Gardening (Valeria)
– Whole Kids Foundation Grant is only given once per school so we cannot apply again. We will likely re-apply to the Evergreen Foundation for funding at their March 28 application intake deadline.
– Compost Bin: still waiting on Russ Evans to get VSB Grounds approval for his new design
– Small hand scale will be used to measure harvest and compost in the future
– Mark Warkentin will help us to build permanent wood trellises and make some signage this spring

f) Playground committee (Letti)
The Committee is working on meeting dates.

g) DPAC and EMB representative (Barb)
Barb submitted a full report on both initiatives (see attached).

h) Teacher representative: absent

i) Principal/Vice-Principal
Margaret informed PAC of two recent break-ins at Norquay.
A survey of staff is underway regarding parent representatives for classrooms. There is some information on guidelines that can be shared with PAC.
Margaret summarized the major upcoming events at Norquay for February.
5. Unfinished Business

6) New Business
PAC briefly discussed the new coding curriculum that will be added.
April 28th is National Canadian Film Day. There is a huge resource that can be accessed at the Film Canada Archive.
Next year is the 150th Anniversary of Canada’s Confederation. There is funding available.
A PAC position for grant writing should be considered. Mary might be interested.

7. Agenda items for next meeting
The lunch room.

8. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 7:18pm

Next meeting: Tuesday, 16 February, 9am
Norquay Library

Committee Reports for 19 January 2015

Transportation Committee update
We have contacted HASTeBC, who did the assessment and suggestions back in 2014. They have had a few changes on staff and we will know by the end of this week who is our main contact.

Once that’s clear, we will work with them to get an update from the City as to what has been followed up in terms of the suggestions that were given and we will analyze what’s the best way to follow up with the ones that we consider are the top priority.

DPAC Report:
Attended the Jan.14/16 DPAC meeting
Two more DPAC executives were nominated – Gwen Giesbrecht and Kelly Read, they are both past DPAC executives, bios are on the DPAC website
Scott Robinson spoke at the meeting regarding the suspension of the DPAC funding until certain financial reporting and minutes are up to date. DPAC is in the process of hiring a contract support staff to complete this work
There will be another city wide meeting coming up – please check DPAC website for date, time and topics/speakers

EMB Report
The Mandarin Curriculum Framework was sent out with report cards to EMB parents
Some feedback/comments have come back, planning the next EMB meeting with Principal to discuss, date tbd
More detailed EMB report will come after this meeting

No word from VSB whether or not an inquiry has been sent out to potential high school sites for EMB, will follow up with them for commitment to sent out before Spring Break
Intermediate EMB parents would like a group meeting with intermediate EMB teacher