Norquay Elementary PAC AGENDA – 08 MARCH 2016 – 6:00PM, Norquay Library

1. Welcome/Call to order
2. Approval of the agenda
3. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting:
Feb 2016 meeting was cancelled due to lack of quorum. Approval for meeting minutes of Jan 2016
Co Chair Special opening remarks
PAC Constitution, Code of Ethics
● Treasurer
Approved funding requests
● Teacher representative
● Principal/Vice¬ Principal
4. Unfinished business
  Parent representatives for classrooms
5. New Business (items requiring a decision, recommendation or discussion)
Mary – recommendation to start new committee:
     ○ EMB High School Committee (Cindy Dong, Mary Wilson, Charis Broadbent, Barb Lee, Lisa Chong)
Shirley Chang – Motion for Financial transparency
1.  A PAC financials binder for each year will be made available at the school, instead of my home.  The binder will be divided into the following sections: 
• Budgets
• Monthly bank reconciliations with backups for all inflows and outflows
• Fundraising event summaries

2.  For all spend (outflows), original receipts must be accompanied for every reimbursement made.  I have receipts for all reimbursements kept at my home, as was done by my predecessors before me.  I will put these receipts in binders along with bank reconciliations going forward and keep them at the school.  Anyone wishing to inspect or audit them will be able to do so at any time.

3.  All fundraising initiatives will have summaries in the PAC binder

I will get this year’s binder underway so that it is available to everyone by the next PAC meeting.  For previous years, I will have that done by the end of  this school year……

As for the direct drive, funds have been managed by the school.  As PAC has minimal involvement, I suggest the following:
• School collects, deposits, and disburses funds
• School dictates when purchases are made
• PAC reconciles the fund account
1. Fund information is given to PAC
2. Treasurer gets all purchase orders and invoices
3. Treasurer sets up shared Google sheet for Direct Drive
4. Treasurer updates fund information on Google sheet based on invoices from purchases
5. Fund backups and records are kept at the school in BINDER (as mentioned above)
Transparency can be achieved through proper process.  Segregation of pertinent key functions is key.  Duties between the approver of transactions (admin) and the record keeper (the treasurer) will achieve this.  Deposit slips and original invoices will be used as the recording instruments for this account.  This way, the integrity of the fund will be upheld. 

Barb Lee – Motions for Financial Transparency in Direct Drive Funds
1. No new Direct Drive Appeal is to be sent out to parent until at least 75% of the Direct Drive funds have been spent from the previous Direct Drive, unless, the Direct Drive consists of a single large purchase item like playground equipment.

2.  Admin/Principal will provide receipts for how parent Direct Drive funds have been spent and these are to be made available for any PAC member requesting to see these receipts.  No other documentation is acceptable and receipts must be given to PAC within 2 months of spending these funds.

3.  All PAC members requesting to see Direct Drive receipts will be treated in a safe and professional manner when making these types of requests and any follow up requests.  PAC execs must make best efforts to obtain these requested receipts from Principal/Admin to show PAC members within 2 months of purchases.

● Committee or project leads
< in light of the heavy agenda, committees will submit written reports (Attached)if time permits, we will review reports in meeting >
    ○ Fundraising and Volunteers (Charis) – See attached report
     ○ Carnival (Keelan) – See attached report
    ○ Gardening (Valeria) – See attached report
     ○ Transportation (Edna) – See attached report
     ○ Playground (Letti) – No Report
     ○ Communications (Janisha/Leslie)    –  See attached report
○ DPAC/MLAC representative – See attached report

7. Agenda items for next meeting
8. Adjournment.
Next meeting: Tuesday, April 12, 9AM in the Norquay Library


No funds have yet been spent from Direct Drive – targets have been set and Admin will begin ordering after Spring Break. Bank statement confirming balance provided to Fundraising Chair, Receipts will be provided to PAC Treasurer upon purchase. Our meat fundraiser was a success. We raised over $150 and it was effortless. Thanks for all those that supported this.

We will be doing Family Portraits April 19, 20 and 21 from 4-8pm. The cost is $20 and the family will get a 8×10 photo of their choosing printed.

Pizza Days are coming up April, May, June. We are in need of volunteers. Please sign up in the lunchroom or email Charis.

I will have totals for Purdys, Gift Cards and Subway at the next meeting.

CARNIVAL (Keelan Simurda)
Fraser Amusements called on Wednesday, March 2nd to inform me that they had double booked our event and are not available on Friday, June 10th. Their availability for May and June is now very limited so I sat down with admin on Thursday, March 3rd to discuss the schools availability and match a date.

The NEW Carnival date is: Thursday, June 9th and it will run from 3-7pm.

• Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds Grant:  Due Mar 28.  We will request funds to go towards further expansion of the Food Garden, building of the compost bin, and modification part of the Native Plants Garden to grow more berry plants such as blueberries/raspberries/Saskatoon Berries.
• Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grant:  Due Apr 14.  Mary and Val will be co-applicants for this grant of up to $1,000.
• Farm to Cafeteria, Whole Kids Foundation, and Farm to School BC’s Grant available for up to $10,000 for a SALAD BAR PROGRAM in school.  After looking into it in more detail, we have concluded that we will be unable to apply at this time.  The “Lead Applicant” has to have the authority to make decisions at the school, so must be the Principal or Vice-Principal. We also need to share some space in the lunchroom kitchen, and Gilda feels that there is inadequate space to share. 
• Garden Club:  Starting soon on Thursdays during the noon hour.  All students welcome to participate. Ivy Chang, Mark Warkentin and Val will lead the students in fun garden activities including building trellises and making garden signage with tiles. 
• SPEC Workshops:  8 classes participating in a set of 3 workshops (1. outdoor planting cool weather crops, 2. indoor seeding warm weather crops, 3. transplanting seedlings) startingMar 8 with Nikoo plus a Harvest Festival June 16.  Cost of $8 per student funded by parents of the participating students.
• New Food Garden Boxes signup (total of 12 boxes): 13 different classes will be using the boxes in addition to the KIPPERS and Garden Club.
• Growing Chefs: Ms Liang’s grade 3 class and Ms Paris’s grade 1 class are participating in this excellent and very popular program.  PAC provided the funds for Ms Paris’s class last year, and both Ms Paris and Ms Liang are requesting PAC to fund the program again this year.  The cost of $400 per class is highly subsidized by the program’s other sources of funding. Funds are available in the garden account if needed. 
TRAFFIC REPORT (Edna Aguinaga)
o HasteBC in contact with school Admin and PAC. Review of 2013 study, confirmation of next steps to be scheduled before mid March
COMMUNICATIONS (Janisha Haywood)
Updated blog to include agendas and minutes from this school year. The side link to them now works. Online volunteer form wasn’t working so it now says to email norquaypacteam or sign up in lunchroom.

• There has been no EMB meeting with Principal and no dates have been provided.
• EMB Survey has been sent out to all EMB parents regarding high school options – due March
• There are some serious concerns regarding the wording of some of these questions and answers on the survey and the apparent lack of commitment by VSB to implement EMB high school program.

• Attended PAN and PEN Public Education Event – Feb. 24/16 – Advocating for more funding for Public Schools
• Attended DPAC Meeting – Feb. 25/16
o Issue of Receipts was raised and DPAC confirmed that parents have a right to see receipts of items purchased with parent donated funds.
o all DPAC Exec positions have been filled
o DPAC support part of Fraser Ballantyne’s motion to support increasing distance of marijuana dispensary from any school from 300m to 500m
o City wide meeting planned for April 7 at VSB
• Attended Parent Advocacy Network meeting – Mar. 1/16 – Long Range Facility Plan – there will be 5 workshops, drop-ins, etc. planned around the city, there will also be opportunities for meetings and outreach in different languages – Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Tagalog
• Attended MLAC – Modern Language Advisory Committee – Meeting Notes:
o   EMB and High School
o Will Norquay’s EMB merge with Jamieson’s Late Mandarin like Early French and Late French do?
 Unlikely to merge with Jamieson, mainly because of lack of space at Hamber and they are up for seismic upgrading soon.
o Or will Norquay’s EMB continue on its own track and if yes, will there be opportunity for students outside EMB to challenge and join our students to strengthen the numbers in our program?  Who and how are these two points determined?
 Jamieson has second round of intake at Gr. 5 & 6, this may be possible for Norquay as the intake at Kindergarten and Gr. 1 is only 22 and 24, so even with a small attrition rate, there will likely only about 20 students by grade 6/7
 Grade 8 would also be a natual entry point for EMB intake to strengthen numbers if students have the proficiency
 There is a large natural demographic of Mandarin speakers that could join the program, and there could be an increase in numbers as opposed to the French Immersion drop out rate
o Parents want to know when a secondary school site will be confirmed and we do not want this decision to fall between the cracks while the Long Range Facility Plan is being worked on.
 It will likely be determined by Gr. 6 for oldest EMB students – 2016/17, closer to existing site as there will likely be more parents unwilling to drive to other side of the city for the EMB program
 VSB knows where most EMB parents live and this will be a big consideration
o Is MLAC coming up with recommendation/answers to these questions that will be presented to Committee III?  If not then who is in charge or leading these discussions about EMB high school options?
 MLAC discusses issues brings them up at different committee, smaller VSB meetings
 Parents if they feel they have something to present to Committee III, can ask to be speaker on the list
 There will be an EMB Parent survey sent home to gage what the enrollment might be for EMB high school program
 Discussion regarding the HR testing of potential EMB teachers before hiring,
o OTHER MLAC agenda items:
o ·            SFU Updates
o Kim from SFU – outlined some bootcamps and retreats for Core French teachers to improve French
o For those that don’t speak French or Speak very little
o Outlined different programs available for teachers and student teachers

• UBC Updates
o Mieka brought materials and outline of the different courses available for French Immersion and Second Language teaching courses available (see handout)
o UBC is looking making the Foundation of Teaching Modern Language a summer institute series as it may increase enrollment
o There was a discussion that there is a great lack of qualified French Immersion and core French teachers, recruiting is being done in Quebec
• Curriculum Redesign (the process VSB is taking)
o        Brief discussion of Competency vs. Content learning and that hopefully after the 2 Pro-D Days to see what additional supports are needed for implementation
o        Comment that some teachers feel they are already doing the new curriculum, but may not be the case, may need more time.
• Introducing a new language to the VSB
o VSB has been approached by 2 parent groups wanted to introduce 2 new languages into the high schools as a second Language option – one is Tagalog
o There is a process and group is working through process with school board
o Mandate is to promote French language and ensure Quality and Access of programs in French
o Canadian Parents for French is trying to get more active in the Vancouver area
o Suggestion that some of the FI students Vancouver is graduating should be recruited into Education program to fill the FI teacher shortage.
o Discussed some reasons for attrition at high school level