Health and Wellness Conference update from Ms. Adams

kids-exerciseWe are at 23 out of 26 confirmed presenters! My goal is to have all presenters confirmed before spring break and I am almost there. Thanks for the help!

We are working with RBC to confirm a keynote speaker. Stay tuned.

Now it’s time to start collecting raffle prizes and food donations.

The raffle will happen in May- June. Tickets will be $1.00 for the kids to buy. We will have a raffle for the adults (teachers and parents too). Help with this is greatly appreciated. Use this SPONSOR LETTER to help with approaching sponsors. Sandeep said she would offer to help, as long as we had someone else helping. Is there a parent out there that would like to help with this?

Second, the food. We need to get 600 donated snacks for the kids recess snacks.

We also need to find a restaurant (or?) to donate or partially donate lunch for the presenters. (around 50 people) Genalyne is going to head this, but would love help with ideas or connections. The teachers will have the option to buy in to this lunch too if they want. We also will need snacks/coffee for recess for the presenters….

That’s all for now and thanks for all your help!