Welcome Spring!

Teachers at the Chinese New Year parade

Pinky Kwan, Ivy Chang, Cathy Weng and Melissa Peng at the 2015 Chinese New Year parade

Can you believe Spring Break is in the air? We hope you’ll take the opportunity to rest up because the PAC team has got some big events lined up.


We’re planning our first ever Norquay Carnival May 21, 3 pm – 6pm to celebrate our fabulous community. Games, prizes, food and fun are slated and we could sure use some help. If you can volunteer time, prizes or super organizing skills we’d love to hear from you!


In the works are some pizza fundraising lunches (a lunch you don’t need to pack and the kids will eat!) in the near future. Stay tuned for dates!

Be on the lookout for a Direct Appeal notice coming home, to help raise funds for the school. Did you know that last year’s direct drive fundraising bought all this for our school!?!!

  • 2 professional/international volleyballs
  • 25 soccer balls
  • 2 hockey helmets and masks
  • foot pump with gauge & inflating needles
  • 10 whistles
  • 2 goalie catching gloves
  • 42 balls – rubber/soft – varying sizes
  • 2 indoor soccer balls
  • 20 foam indoor tennis balls
  • 15 foam frisbees
  • 8 bucket stilts
  • 8 catch-a-cups
  • 8 ball skips
  • 6 jumping balls
  • poly spots to mark fitness stations

Health and Wellness Conference

On June 19th, the school will be hosting their annual event to promote physical, social and emotional health and wellness. If you have activities or suggestions please see this form.

And if February whizzed by for you (like it did us!) below are 2 recaps to groove to: