WAFFLE BREAKFAST June 26th 8-9am | 不要错过Norquay 年终 的鸡蛋饼早餐。

Don’t miss Norquay’s End-of-Year Waffle Breakfast!

All Norquay students, staff and families are once again invited to gather for a meal and fun at the Norquay End-of-the-Year Waffle Breakfast!

When: Wednesday, June 26th, 8-9am

Where: Norquay Lunchroom

Why: To gather together to celebrate a great year!

As always, parent, staff & student volunteers are needed to make this a great event. Contact us if you’d like to help!


不要错过Norquay 年终 的鸡蛋饼早餐。
所有的Norquay 学生,员工,家人又再一次的被邀请来Norquay 年终 的鸡蛋饼早餐聚餐!

时间:星期三,六月26 日, 早上8点 至9 点
地点:Norquay 的午饭厅

跟以前一样, 这个活动都很需要家长,员工和 学生义工的帮助。如果你想帮忙的话,请联系我们!!