Health & Wellness Day June 21 – volunteers needed

How Parents Can Help

It takes a lot of work to put together Health & Wellness Day and the teachers have asked for our help in a couple of key areas:

  1. A fundraising raffle is held on the day to raise money for the event. There is a draw for adults and one for kids. The school is seeking donated raffle items for both draws. Contact Regina Openshaw at or Sandeep Jagpal at if you can help!
  2. Raffle ticket sales help will be needed afterschool in the week before Health & Wellness Day. Contact the staff members above.
  3. The presenters can get a bit hungry hanging around the school all day, so the teachers are looking for help in providing some snacks that can be left in the staffroom for them. Please contact Genvieve Adams at if you can assist.

Health & Wellness Day is a day-long event of speakers, workshops & activites in which all of Norquay students participate. The theme is centred around ways to support healthy and active living.


健康日____星期五 六月21 日

1. 在那天将会举行彩劵销售筹款活动。一个是成人抽奖,一个是小孩抽奖。学校正在寻找捐赠者。捐赠者请电邮给Regina Openshaw 邮箱是 或者电邮给 Sandeep Jagpal 邮箱是
2. 在健康日之前,放学后,我们需要义工帮忙销售彩劵。 请联系在上面提到的员工。
3. 出席的人将会在学校忙一整天,所以很容易会饿。现在老师正在找那些可以帮忙提供一些小吃放到员工房里,给那些忙了一整天的员工。如果你可以帮忙的话,就请电邮给
Genvieve Adams 电邮是

在健康日Norquay 的学生将会参加一整天的演讲,讨论会和活动。主题都是围绕支持健康与积极生存。