Current Earthquake Policy and Information

Seismic Upgrades and Historical Restoration

Norquay has received a full seismic upgrade per the VSB’s Completed Capital Projects List of Completed Seismic and New School Construction Projects.  Part of the school was seismically upgraded in 2001.  The remainder of the seismic upgrades were completed in 2008 along with a new library/classroom addition.

Earthquake Plan

Norquay follows the VSB earthquake plan like all other schools in the district.  Every term there is an earthquake drill and an annual provincial drill call The Big One occurs in May.  This is standard practice in all the schools.  Every term the plan is reviewed with staff prior to a drill and a review is completed after the drill.

Emergency Supplies

All supplies are provided by the VSB and updated when they are close to expiration.  All supplies are kept in the earthquake bin on the playground.  Knapsacks are updated with new class lists monthly and kept in the earthquake bin.  They are not kept in the classrooms as teachers may not be able to get to them in an event of an earthquake.  Water is kept in the earthquake bin and is provided by the VSB.  For years the earthquake bin at Norquay was located under power lines which caused much staff concern.  Last year, Principal Rooney had a facilities review and the earthquake bin was relocated to the back playground near the parking lot.  The Norquay staff has an earthquake team who lead an awareness and practice of procedures.  Ms. Linda deJardin is one of the Team Captains for this committee.

A possible future consideration is for families to provide individual earthquake/comfort kits for their children to keep at the school.  The kits could be kept in the earthquake bin outside and organized by classroom.  The kits would be returned at the end of the school year and then refreshed each September by each family.  The earthquake comfort kit could include the following in a resealable ziploc bag with the child’s name on the front:  1 flashlight and extra batteries, 1 whistle, 2 non-perishable snacks, small bottle of water, family photograph, list of emergency contacts, a small toy, 1 can of food (ravioli, beans etc), emergency blanket (can be purchased at Canadian Tire or most outdoor supplies stores).

The following link is the VSB emergency preparedness documents for families.  A personal emergency kit with the appropriate supplies should be created and available to your family for at least 72 hours in an event of an earthquake.